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[Blog] A “Charming Journey” Round the Works of N. S. Harsha: Work #2(2017.04.21)

Receive admission discount tickets at “Hills Premium Happy Hour” on April 28!(2017.04.20)

“MAM Collection 005,” “MAM Screen 006” and “MAM Research 005” to be held from July 5!(2017.04.14)

[Blog] A “Charming Journey” Round the Works of N. S. Harsha: Work #1(2017.04.14)

Held in April and May! “Oh Walk (THE SUN LITTERS THE CLEARING)”(2017.04.13)

[Blog] A Journey to Mysuru with N. S. Harsha: MAMC Night and Annual Cocktail Party held!(2017.04.12)

[PARTICIPATE] “#emptyMoriArtMuseum” at “N. S. Harsha” exhibition on Apr. 25!(2017.04.11)

[PARTICIPATE] Roppongi Hills × Mori Art Museum - Community Engagement Program(2017.04.07)

“Old Masters from the State Hermitage Museum” 200 yen discount privilege for “N. S. Harsha” visitors!(2017.04.06)

[Flickr] Installation photos of “N. S. Harsha: Charming Journey” exhibition uploaded!(2017.04.06)

[YouTube] “N. S. Harsha: Charming Journey” Artist Interview(2017.04.05)

“N. S. Harsha” Exhibition Limited-Edition Design Passport on sale(2017.04.03)

“Art Triangle Roppongi” Map Vol.22 (2017.4-8) is available!(2017.03.31)

[PARTICIPATE] “Urgent Talk 031: Things Fall Apart - Alfredo Jaar” on Apr. 18.(2017.03.31)

Receive admission discount tickets at “Hills Premium Happy Hour” in March, April, May!(2017.03.30)

Now over 100,000 likes! Mori Art Museum Facebook page(2017.03.30)

Interview of M. Spencer from Japan Philharmonic Orchestra on YouTube(2017.03.28)

Collaboration menus with Grand Hyatt Tokyo kick off on April 1!(2017.03.23)

[Book Now!] “Yoga + Art” on April 21 at “N. S. Harsha” exhibition.(2017.03.21)

“N. S. Harsha” exhibition catalogue now on sale at the museum shop.(2017.03.09)

“SUNSHOWER: Contemporary Art from Southeast Asia 1980s to Now” preview website launched!(2017.03.08)

“The Universe and Art” exhibition tour in Singapore announced!(2017.03.07)

[YouTube] “N. S. Harsha: Charming Journey” trailer #2 now online!(2017.03.06)

“N. S. Harsha: Charming Journey” List of exhibited works uploaded.(2017.03.01)

February 24 is “Premium Friday”! “Hills Premium Happy Hour” within restaurants in Roppongi Hills!(2017.02.23)

“N. S. Harsha” exhibition's display pop-up in Roppongi Hills(2017.02.21)

“N. S. Harsha” collabo dishes at DIYA Indian Restaurant & Museum Cafe “THE SUN.”(2017.02.21)

[Blog] MAMC members travel to “KENPOKU ART 2016” with General Director Nanjo Fumio(2017.02.21)

[Blog] Up-close and personal with teamLab's artworks! “The Universe and Art” MAMC Night held(2017.02.20)

[Book Now!] More “N. S. Harsha” exhibition-related programs! Curator Talk, Workshop for Kids to think about the idea of “Night,” and more!(2017.02.15)

“N. S. Harsha” information about free audio guide & original goods(2017.02.03)

[YouTube] “N. S. Harsha: Charming Journey” Trailer now online!(2017.02.02)

[YouTube] Trailer of “MAM Collection 004” and others uploaded.(2017.02.02)

N. S. Harsha's Sculpture Matter appears in Roku-Roku Plaza(2017.02.01)

“Museum Link Pass” has been reborn!(2017.02.01)

“Learning Week” from Feb. 14 to Feb. 19!(2017.01.26)

“MAMC Night” and “MAMC Annual Cocktail Party” on Feb. 14!(2017.01.26)

[Book Now!] Programs for Teens & Seniors, Yoga events and more at “N. S. Harsha” exhibition.(2017.01.25)

Production of N. S. Harsha's Reversed Gaze starts!(2017.01.20)

“The Universe and Art” & Instagram: Best shots of Dec. & Jan. selected!(2017.01.11)

[PARTICIPATE] Special Screening: Identity Issues in Singapore and Malaysia Seen Through Films(2017.01.10)

Only 3 more days left! “The Universe and Art” ends on January 9!(2017.01.06)