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Roadshow Zone
Roadshow Zone:
Main Lobby projection
(with sound)
Premiere Zone
Premiere Zone:
Water flows over the 4 screens in the restaurant (no audio)
Virgin Toho Cinemas Roppongi Hills (current TOHO CINEMAS ROPPONGI HILLS) will screen a selection of video art curated by the Mori Art Museum every evening. Videos will be screened in two locations, including an enormous screen in the lobby on the third floor, which can be seen from both inside and outside the building.

The project will focus on the moving image and global youth culture, genres now being revolutionized by the introduction of digital media. In addition to conventional video artists, cutting edge works by creators working in computer graphics, graphic design, art, media and film will be introduced each month.

Importantly, the Virgin Cinemas Roppongi Hills (current TOHO CINEMAS ROPPONGI HILLS) × Mori Art Museum collaboration represents the realization of a new type of venue: a "museum" outside of the conventional gallery framework; and a "cinema" providing contact with cutting-edge art and video expression.
Screening times and locations
Venue: Main Lobby, Premier Zone Restaurant Time: Every evening (weekdays until 10pm; Friday, Saturday, days preceding national holidays until 3am)
* Program subject to change when special events, etc., are being held.
March March : Tanaka Katsuki
In March Collaboration #23 features Tanaka Katsuki, a video artist well known for his internet radio Dedio Night.

Screening in both the Lobby and Premiere Zone, as well as at the Mori Art Museum Ticket Counter (3F, Museum Cone):
"Dream Light" (2005), by Tanaka Katsuki. Music by Nagano Takatoyo
A gigantic lady strides by as the sun sets in the distance: welcome to Tanaka's strangely energetic
world! This work is from his new DVD "Aka-chan."

"Slow Ballad" (2004), by Tanaka Katsuki. (PV for Toda Seiji)
A featureless landscape vibrates under microscopic radio waves. Time goes slowly backwards and the world
takes on a subtle glow. "Slow Ballad" is included in Toda Seiji's album "There She Goes."

* Projections may be cancelled when special events are held.

Top: "Dream Light" (2005), by Tanaka Katsuki
Bottom: "Slow Ballad" (2004), by Tanaka Katsuki
October December : Karl Kliem [Dienststelle] X Jan Jelinek
The third and final edition of special event "SOUNDxVISION @ VC6xMAM" features two collaborative works by German video artist Karl Kliem and sound artist Jan Jelinek.

* SOUND x VISION: After touring through Osaka, Sendai and Yamaguchi, SOUND x VISION will come to Laforet Museum Harajuku from 3 to 12 December.

Screening in both the Lobby and Premiere Zone, as well as at the Mori Art Museum Ticket Counter (3F, Museum Cone):
Karl Kliem [Dienststelle] x Jan Jelinek, "Slovenia Set Live Visual" (2002)
Production: Karl Kliem, Label: ~scape
Kliem's abstract, noise-like visuals come together with Jelinek's minimalist sounds.

Karl Kliem [Dienststelle] x Jan Jelinek, "My Favorite Shop" (2003)
Production: Karl Kliem, Label: ~scape
The wriggling pattern of outlines and colors is actually from a view of people going shopping. Kliem's visuals enhance the ambience of Jelinek's ambient sounds.

Cooperation: Gas As Interface Co., Ltd.

* Projections may be cancelled when special events are held.

Top: "Slovenia Set Live Visual" by Karl Kliem [Dienststelle] x Jan Jelinek (2002)
Bottom: "The Videoage (Re-Edit)" by Farben (Jan Jelinek) X Karl Kliem (2001)

October November : Karl Kliem X Alva Noto+Sakamoto Ryuichi, and Karl Kliem X Farben
The second edition of special event "SOUNDxVISION @ VC6xMAM" features two works by Frankfurt-based Karl Kliem.
For each work Kliem has collaborated with a different sound artist: Alva Noto+Ryuichi Sakamoto on "Trioon I" and Farben (Jan Jelinek) on "The Videoage (Re-Edit)."

*SOUNDxVISION: Festival featuring the latest in moving image art, touring Osaka, Yamaguchi, Sendai and to Tokyo in December.

Screening in both the Lobby and Premiere Zone, as well as at the Mori Art Museum Ticket Counter (3F, Museum Cone):

Alva Noto+Sakamoto Ryuichi X Karl Kliem, "Trioon I" (2003)
from Album "Vrioon" by Raster-Noton
Karl Kliem has made a video combining work by contemporary artist Carsten Nicolai (Alva Noto) and Sakamoto Ryuichi.

Farben (Jan Jelinek) X Karl Kliem, "The Videoage (Re-Edit)" (2001)
from Album "Clicks&Cuts 2" by Mille Plateaux
The new but nostalgic sounds of leading electronica musician Jan Jelinek (aka Farben) in combination with Karl Kliem's abstract video.

Cooperation: Gas As Interface Co., Ltd.

Top: " Trioon I" by Alva Noto+Ryuichi Sakamoto X Karl Kliem (2003)
Bottom: "The Videoage (Re-Edit)" by Farben (Jan Jelinek) X Karl Kliem (2001)
October October : Cornelius X groovisions, Cornelius
From October through December, work from the SOUNDxVISION* event will be shown as part of a special project "SOUNDxVISION @ VC6xMAM." The first work, shown in October, is from Japan: a collaboration between Cornelius and groovisions.

*SOUNDxVISION: Festival featuring the latest in moving image art, touring Osaka, Yamaguchi, Sendai and to Tokyo in December.

Screening in both the Lobby and Premiere Zone:
Cornelius x groovisions, "WATARIDORI GRV2153" (2004)
The first collaboration between design unit groovisions and Cornelius, the solo persona of internationally renowned musician Oyamada Keigo. The horizontal movement of the silhouettes in the background gives the work a flat and poetic groove.
WATARIDORI GRV2153 (c)2004 groovisions Sound.

Cornelius, "I HATE HATE" (2003)
With the release of his album "POINT" in 21 countries, and his continued collaborations with international artists, Cornelius is becoming one of Japan's best-known musicians. Here one of his promotional videos, an anime-depiction of a white and blue liquid form, will be shown.
(c) 2003 POLYSTAR CO., Ltd.

Cooperation: Gas As Interface Co., Ltd.

Top: "WATARIDORI GRV2153" by groovisions (2004)
Bottom: "I HATE HATE" by Cornelius (2003)

September September : ages 5&up
ages 5&up: "cell" (2004) - screening in the lobby
Before you realize it the supposedly flat screen starts to turn three dimensional...

ages 5&up: "DOTS. Expansion, shrinkage" (2004) - screening in the Premiere Zone
The squirming dots, forming a mysterious mosaic, seem to suggest the existence of a distant world.

In September interactive design and graphic specialists ages 5&up present two new works. Simple and geometric, each seems to depict an alternative dimension.

ages 5&up : Designer/programmer based in Tokyo specializing in graphics, video, web and other interactive media. Participated in the Rotterdam International Film Festival, "Buzz Club: News from Japan" at P.S.1 MoMA, "THE END" mobile phone website and the Mori Art Museum's "OPEN MIND" CD.

Top: ages 5&up, "cell" (2004)
Bottom: ages 5&up, "DOTS. Expansion, shrinkage" (2004)
AUGUST AUGUST : Asano Tadanobu and Omodaka
Asano Tadanobu, "Bird" (2004) music by KUJUN
Omodaka, "FORTUNATE 1MARK" (2002)
Two new videos from hot young actor-turned-artist, Asano Tadanobu, and motion graphics designer, Omodaka.

Asano Tadanobu: Used in the opening of actor/director Asano's "Tori," "Bird" consists of drawings by Yamataka EYE (of Boredoms fame) turned into animation by OLM, the team famous for Pocket Monster.
Cooperation: IMAGICA entertainment,Inc.

Omodaka: From advertisement production to VJ-ing at clubs and a music label, Group Omodaka's activities span many disciplines. Their second work is a simulation of an imaginary wire-framed speedboat racing game.
Cooperation:GAS As Interface Co. Ltd.

Top: "Bird" by Asano Tadanobu (2004)
©2004 Tadanobu Asano / IMAGICA entertainment,Inc.
Bottom: "Fortunate 1mark" by Omodaka (2002)
July: D-Fuse July : D-Fuse
D-Fuse: "SYN_REAL #2_P319" (2004) sound by FUNKSTOERUNG [K7!] - screening in the lobby
D-Fuse: "SYN_REAL #2_P165" (2004) sound by FUNKSTOERUNG [K7!] - screening in the Premiere Zone

Regular collaborator with well-known sound creators, D-Fuse presents two new versions of its popular work "SYN_REAL #2." Made especially for the Virgin X MAM collaboration, these two "summer 2004" versions of this abstract video work are in light blue (in the lobby) and orange (in the Premiere Zone).

D-Fuse: British creative design unit working in web, print, TV, film, live events. Video work has been included festivals around the world, and has also performed as a VJ at such festivals.

Top: by D-Fuse, "SYN_REAL #2_P319" (2004) sound by FUNKSTOERUNG [K7!]
Bottom: by D-Fuse, "SYN_REAL #2_P165" (2004) sound by FUNKSTOERUNG [K7!]

June: Niklas Goldbach June : Niklas Goldbach
Niklas Goldbach, "Greetings" (2003) - Screening in the lobby and the Premiere Zone

During June Berlin based video artist Niklas Goldbach presents his video work "Greetings" in the Premiere Zone and lobby of Virgin Cinemas Roppongi Hills. This compelling work combines footage of a UFO with the greetings in 55 languages that were sent with the 1977 Voyager mission in search of extraterrestrial life forms.

Niklas Goldback: Born in Witten, Germany. Resides in Berlin. Studied sociology and photography in Bielefeld University prior to switching to the faculty for experimental media design at Berlin's University of Arts, where he continues his postgraduate studies. Has participated in many video and media festivals throughout Europe, and also in the Image Forum Festival held in May in Japan. Collaboration: transmediale (Berlin)

Top and bottom: Niklas Goldbach, "Greetings" (2003)
May: Ressentiment & General Idea of Diplodocus May : Ressentiment & General Idea of Diplodocus
Ressentiment: "ikisyon 7" (2003) - Screening at the lobby
General Idea of Diplodocus: "Chromatic Palette" (2001) - screening in the Premiere Zone

Ressentiment's "ikisyon 7" on show in the Lobby, features a farm lamb videoed through an astronomical telescope. In the Premiere Zone two vignettes from Idea of Diplodocus' "Chromatic Palette" (2001) are on show: "s-no" (2001) and "whiz" (2001).

Ressentiment (formed in 2000): The "Ikisyon 7" series was presented in live events and installations, as well as at the Mori Art Museum's pre-opening event, Young Video Artists Initiative, and the Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media. Ressentiment are also included in "n_ext" at NTT ICC.

General Idea of Diplodocus: Active as an artist, DJ, editor and producer.
"FLOW," which was released by nowondvd is featured in Sofia Coppola's "Lost in Translation."
Cooperation for General Idea of Diplodocus's work: nondvd.net

Top: Ressentiment, "ikisyon 7" (2003)
Bottom: General Idea of Diplodocus, "Chromatic Palette" (2001)
April: Takahashi Tetsuto & D-Fuse April : Takahashi Tetsuto & D-Fuse
Takahashi Tetsuto: "G-Spot - Pleasure of a Japanimation Robot" (2004) -screening in the lobby
D-Fuse: "SHIBUYA [In 3 PARTS] #1" (2001) Audio by FIBLA - screening in the Premiere Zone

"Mecha otaku" Takahashi presents a homage to Gandam mechatronics in the Lobby, while exciting UK design unit D-Fuse shows "SHIBUYA," a vision of Shibuya's nightscape, in the Premiere Zone.

Takahashi Tetsuto (born 1978): CG designer. After discontinuing studies at Kochi University of Technology, Takahashi graduated from Department of Information Design, Tama Art University, in 2004.

D-fuse: English design unit, working internationally in web, printed materials, TV, film and live events.

Top: Takahashi Tetsuto, "G-Spot - Pleasure of a Japanimation Robot" (2004)
Bottom: D-Fuse, "SHIBUYA [In 3 PARTS] #1" (2001)

March?Fミシャ?Eクバル March : Mischa Kuball
German artist Mischa Kuball is known throughout the world for his videos, installations and public art. Urban environments seen as never before - through a glass cup-cum-lens, found each city. Here the Moscow version is shown.

Mischa Kuball: Resides in Dusseldorf, Germany. Involved in projects that question urban architecture, history and people through light and video projections.
In Japan he was also responsible for the first contemporary art project at the Tokyo National Museum, "Power of Codes - Space for Speech" (1999).

Top: Mischa Kuball, "City thru Glass - Moscow Night" (2003)
Bottom: Mischa Kuball, "City thru Glass - Moscow Day" (2003)
February?Fジョナサン?Eタ?[ナ?[ February : Jonathan Turner
Audio by Jack Hazzard
Hot young graphic designer, Jonathan Turner's simple colors and images stimulate the senses in a unique way, turning the everyday into something out of this world.

Jonathan Turner: Based in New York's Foreign Recreation, Turner works as a graphic designer, animator and web designer. Clients include Shiseido,Visionaire, Screaming Mimi, etc. The second half of "Leaves" is shown here.

Cooperation: NUEVA 2003

Top and bottom: Jonathan Turner, "Leaves" (2000)
January?F掘?ケ司 January : Hori Seiji
"DRIFT" (2003)
Horii produces video work that expresses the urban environment
using both computer graphics and sound. Intricately calculated architectural computer graphics are interlaced with other images, resulting in work that is at the same time real and surreal.

Horii Seiji (born 1971): Image and sound creator active since graduating from Tsukuba University. Has exhibited in Japan, England, Spain and other countries around the world. Gained particular acclaim at the "onedotzero7" image festival

Top: Horii Seiji , "DRIFT" (2003)
Bottom: Horii Seiji, "REFLECTION OF NOWHERE" (2002)

2003December: Ryan McGinness 2003 December: Ryan McGinness
"A Walk" (2002) Co-directed with Bill McMullen, produced by Alex Arce
"North Star" (2002) Co-directed with Bill McMullen
Stylish, elegantly two-dimensional graphics from wunderkind of the art and design worlds, Ryan McGinness.

Ryan McGinness: Born 1972 in Virginia Beach, USA. Resides in New York. Studied design and art at Carnegie Mellon University.
Prolific artist and designer for the likes of SONY and SEGA. Solo exhibitions held at Parco Gallery (2001) and GAS SHOP (2002).

Cooperation: GAS
The DVD from which this work comes, "VIDEO HAPINESS" (published by GAS), is on sale at the Virgin Cinemas shop during screening.

Top: A Walk (2002) Ryan McGinness (co-directed with Bill McMullen, produced by Alex Arce)
Bottom: North Star (2002) Ryan McGinness (co-directed with Bill McMullen)
November: Kawamura Yuki November: Kawamura Yuki
"port" "port #2" "port #3" (2001)
sound by Hanno Yoshihiro
"Voisin" (2002) sound by Hanno Yoshihiro
Video artist based in France. Kawamura's fresh and engaging works are snapshots of phenomena in movement: water, the atmosphere, particles.

Kawamura Yuki: Born 1979 in Gifu. Quit studying French at Kyoto University of Foreign Studies to study film at ESEC College in Paris 2000-02. Has been creating video work since 1998, and screening and creating installations mostly in Paris.

Cooperation: Cirque

Top: "Voisin" (by Kawamura Yuki, 2002)
Bottom: "port #3" (by Kawamura Yuki, 2001)
Octobar: Tanaka Katsuki October: Tanaka Katsuki
"zanmai" (2003) music by LIBRO
"frotoise" (2002) words / music by Dirk Dresselhaus
Tanaka sketches a unique world in manga and animation, where mysterious creatures flit by as if in a different dimension.

Tanaka Katsuki: Born 1966. Debuts as a manga artist in 1985. Launches video production company Kaeru Café after making a full-length CG animation "Kaeruman" in 1994. Books published include "Bakadoriru" (Fusosha) and "Ossu! Tonco chan".

Top: "frogtoise" (by Tanaka Katsuki, 2003)
Bottom: "zanmai" (by Tanaka Katsuki, 2003)
September: Barnstormers September: Barnstormers
"'Apostrophe'" by Barnstormers" (Produced by David Ellis, 2002)
Collective painting videoed in summer 2002 in a dusty garage studio in Brooklyn. Traces the fascinating process by which the painting, which is made without a particular goal in mind, transforms.

Barnstormers: New York-based artist collective. Work is a hybrid of grafitti and all the art movements and street cultures that preceded it. 12 artists participated in this particular work.

Cooperation: GAS
The DVD from which this work comes, "Apostrophe' by Barnstormers" (published by GAS), is on sale at Virgin Cinemas shop during screening.

Top and bottom: "Apostrophe" by Barnstormers (Produced by David Ellis, 2002)

August: Kurokawa Ryoichi August: Kurokawa Ryoichi
"cipher" (by Kurokawa Ryoichi) Sound by Kurokawa Ryoichi, 2002
Images of the sky as studies of memory and its reorganization
"retina f" (by Kurokawa Ryoichi) Sound by Aoki Takamasa, 2002
A new world of imagery and sound on the concept: sound you can see, light you can hear.

Kurokawa Ryoichi: Born 1978 in Osaka. Has held live performances at art festivals, film festivals and clubs in Japan and abroad since 2000. Produced visuals for the international performances in 2003 by band Sketch Show (consisting of former YMO members Hosono Haruomi and Takahashi Yukihiro)

From Kurokawa Ryoichi's fi rst DVD, "COPYNATURE" (PROGRESSIVE FOrM, 2003). DVD on sale at Virgin Cinemas shop during screening.

"retina f" (by Kurokawa Ryoichi, 2002)
July July
1 July - 15 July: "Super Star Series #2" (by Ikunishi Yasunori, Kakegawa Yasunori, Kuknacke and featuring Magic Kobayashi, 2002)
16 July - 31 July: "GRV1778" (by groovisions, 2002) Sound by Fukutomi Yukihiro: "rebel/console pt.1 - pt. 4"

Cooperation: GAS DVD (Series of DVDs released by DesignEXchange Co., Ltd. introducing work by cutting-edge creators from Japan and abroad.)

Top: "Super Star Series #2" (by Ikunishi Yasunori, Kakegawa Yasunori, Kuknacke featuring m.magic. Kobayashi, 2002) Bottom: メGRV1778モ (by groovisions, 2002)
June June
Two works from YVAI*
1 June - 15 June: "You in Red" (by Matsumoto Chikara) Sound by organ-o-Lounge: "Cargy"
16 June - 30 June "A labyrinthine rabbit warren" (by Kaneko Tomoko, 2002)

* YVAI was a pre-opening program of the Mori Art Museum. Video competition judged by David Elliott, exhibited at Ropponig Hills Information Center / THINK ZONE and toured to Berlin and Frankfurt.

Top: "A Labyrinthine rabbit warren" (by Kaneko Tomoko, 2002)
Bottom: "You In Red" (by Matsumoto Chikara, 2002)
April-May April-May
Two works from Young Video Artist Initiative (YVAI) were shown in turn at one week intervals.
"Landscape Laundry" (by Schematickers / Collaboration by Takenaka Naoki, 2001)
"Grinder-man Nippon" (by Grinder-man, 2000)

Top: "Landscape Laundry" (by Schematickers, 2001)
Bottom: "Grinder-man Nippon" (by Grinder-man, 2000)