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In today's increasingly interconnected world we have the opportunity to be enriched by global currents of history and culture and to enjoy diverse lifestyles as a result of active contact with different peoples and ideas. The role of art in this environment is decisive, providing vital sources of inspiration for creativity and innovation.

The Mori Art Museum has developed its own distinctive approach to art activities, embracing the concepts of "contemporary" and "international" since its establishment. The Museum is committed to presenting a wide range of exhibitions and public programs that feature cutting-edge visual arts, architecture, and design in a global perspective.

The Mori Art Museum is positioned also as a center of contemporary Japanese and Asian art, able to present Asian art trends in a global context with profound expertise concerning specific cultural systems and structures.

The intention of the Mori Art Museum's continuing "Art + Life" principle is to realize an enriched society where art relates to all aspects of life.


1. To present creative endeavors in art, architecture, design and other artistic activities within the broader contexts of culture, history, philosophy and science, and to be a center of inspiration accessible to all.
2. To cultivate broad community development through collaboration in exhibition planning, creation of touring exhibitions, and exchanges with art museums and cultural institutions, artists, curators, collectors and supporters world-wide.
3. To provide a platform through art for people of all walks of life to engage in critical and constructive discourse towards creating a new aesthetic and a new world view.
4. To contribute to the development of contemporary art through artwork production support, exhibitions, collection of Asian contemporary art, and cooperative relationships with galleries, art fairs and professionals in the world of art.
5. To introduce new lifestyles from the cultural hub of Tokyo to the world, uniting art and life through dedicated public programs, as well as promotion of community art events and active support of public art projects.
Nanjo Fumio
Director, Mori Art Museum
October 18, 2013