Another Landscape: From Mori Art Collection


In the summer of 2005, two years after its opening, the Mori Art Museum began assembling a collection focusing on contemporary Asian art, including those produced in Japan. While supporting the activities of contemporary Asian-based artists, the museum has sought to ensure that the “now of this region is reflected in its collection.

This gradually expanding collection of contemporary art today includes approximately 130 works by 21 artists from Japan, South Korea, China, Thailand, Singapore, and elsewhere. Works by eight of these artists focusing on various types of landscapes—changing urban landscapes, architectural spaces encompassing time and history, depictions of landscapes fusing the traditional and the contemporary, and personal, imagined landscapes—have been selected for this exhibition, “Another Landscape: From Mori Art Collection.”

When we look upon “another landscape as depicted by each of these various artists, what do we see? If it were you depicting “another landscape, what sort of landscape would that be? We hope this experience will expand your imagination in a variety of ways.


Work List:

Manabu Ikeda
  Ark 2005 Pen, acrylic, ink on paper, mounted on board
Naoya Hatakeyama
  Zech Westfalen 1/11, Ahlen, Kohlenwäasche 05 November 2003 2003 C-print
Ryuji Miyamoto
  Architectural Apocalypse series (15 works) 1983-1996 Gelatin silver print
Tsuyoshi Ozawa
  Jizoing series (18 works) 1988-1995 Gelatin silver print, toned
Shao Yinong / Mu Chen
  Meeting Hall: Xi’an Daxingshan Temple 2002 C-print
Shao Yinong / Mu Chen
  Meeting Hall: Xi’an Daxingshan Temple 2002 C-print
  Meeting Hall: Gaotang 2003 C-print
Akira Yamaguchi
  Tokei (tokyo): Shiba Tower 2005 Oil on canvas, corrugated panel, wood
Yin Xiuzhen
  Portable City: Tokyo 2003 Mixed media
Yoo Seungho
  Dada 2005 Ink on paper

Yin Xiuzhen
Portable City - Tokyo

Hatakeyama Naoya
Zech Westfalen 1/11, Ahlen, Kohlenwäasche 05 November 2003
Courtesy: Taka Ishii Gallery, Tokyo

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