Lee Bul: From me, Belongs to you only - only The first large-scale solo exhibition of Asia's leading female artist - MORI ART MUSEUM 53F ROPPONNGI HILLS MORI TOWER


Public Program

Menber's Event

Lee Bul

Artist Talk * Japanese-Korean-English simultaneous interpretation available

Lee Bul, who will visit Japan for the exhibition, discusses her own artistic activities over the last two decades.

Speaker: Lee Bul

Date: 19:00-20:30, Saturday, 4 February, 2012 (Door open 18:30-)
Venue: Academyhills49, Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 49F
Capacity: 150 (bookings required)
Admission: General ¥1,000 MAMC Member free
Organizers: Mori Art Museum, Academyhills

Bookings: * Booked Out

left: Richard Noble
right: Takahashi Toru

Symposium  *Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation available

Seeking an Ideal Society

In her series "Mon grand récit," and other works, Lee Bul has pursued an ideal vision of society with reference to the utopian theories and social political theories of the 20th century. The South Korea of the late 1980s, where she began her work as an artist, was experiencing a time of both hope and uncertainty as the country shifted towards democracy and existing value systems were being shaken up. The panelists at this symposium will be Lee Bul, Richard Noble a leading Western researcher into utopian theories; and Takahashi Toru, a scholar on cyborg theory who considers future societies with reference to cyborg technology, which really does have the potential to create 'ultimate bodies.' These panelists will discuss Lee's artwork in the context of the 20th century, out of which utopian theories were born. In the present age of confusion, we invite you to come and think about the visions for ideal society that each of them describe.

Speakers: Lee Bul, Richard Noble (Head of Art Department at Goldsmiths College, University of London), Takahashi Toru (Professor, Waseda University)

Moderator: Kataoka Mami (Chief Curator, Mori Art Museum)

Date: 14:00-16:00, Sunday, 5 February, 2012 (Door open 13:30-)
Venue: Academyhills49, Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 49F
Capacity: 150 (bookings required)
Admission: General ¥1,000; MAMC Member free
Organizers: Mori Art Museum, Academyhills

Bookings: * Booked Out

Photo: Lee Bul, Nawa Kohei

left: Lee Bul
right: Nawa Kohei
Photo: Omote Nobutada (SANDWICH GRAPHIC)

Talk Session  *Japanese-Korean simultaneous interpretation available

Formless Form

Throughout her career, Lee Bul has given form to intangible things like ideals, anxiety, and desire. Nawa Kohei, meanwhile, continues to present work that highlights the physicality of materials and textures and stimulates the senses. These two artists have in common not only their background as students of sculpture at art university, but that their works appeal to bodily sensations, are decorative, and take on organic forms. The commonalities and points of difference that emerge in the course of the dialogue between these two artists are certain to provide valuable insights into their artwork.

Speakers: Lee Bul, Nawa Kohei (sculptor)

Date: 14:00-16:00, Tuesday, 20 March, 2012 (Registration 13:30-)
Venue: Mori Art Museum
Capacity: 80 (bookings required)
Admission: Free (exhibition ticket required)

Bookings: * Booked Out

Photo: Okabe Aomi

Okabe Aomi

Lecture  *Japanese Only

Lecture1: From Monsters to Goddesses:
Lee Bul and Female Artists in the 21st Century

The 21st century has seen the emergence of a host of female artists whose activities are global in scale. By looking at the work of some of Lee Bul's dazzling predecessors, such as Kusama Yayoi, Louise Bourgeois, Annette Messager, and Kiki Smith, as well as that of some of the talented Asian female artists of her own generation, such as Cao Fei, Shiota Chiharu, and Matsui Fuyuko, this lecture will provide insights into the love of the creative process to which she is an heir as well as the individual, original worldview required to build a new future.

Speaker: Okabe Aomi (art critic)

Date: 15:00-16:30, Saturday, 7 April, 2012 (Registration 14:30-)
Venue: Mori Art Museum
Capacity: 80 (bookings required)
Admission: Free (exhibition ticket required)

Bookings: * Booked Out

Photo: Igarashi Taro

Igarashi Taro

Lecture2: Reading Lee Bul's Art from the Perspective of Architecture

The "Mon grand récit" series, which Lee Bul began in 2005, makes reference to the likes of Bruno Taut, famous for his "alpine architecture," and the architect Vladimir Shukhov, who greatly influenced Russian avant-garde architecture. This program delves deeply into the background behind Lee Bul's artwork by taking a close look at 20th century Utopian architecture.

Speaker: Igarashi Taro (Professor, Tohoku University)

Date: 19:00-20:30, Friday, 13 April, 2012 (Registration 18:30-)
Venue: Mori Art Museum
Capacity: 80 (bookings required)
Admission: Free (exhibition ticket required)

Bookings: * Booked Out

Photo: Hyeshin Kim

Hyeshin Kim

Lecture3: 'Wearing' Society and History:
The Art of Lee Bul and Contemporary South Korea

In the mid-1980s when Lee Bul graduated university and began her career as an artist, South Korea was in the maelstrom of a democracy movement that arose in opposition to the country's military dictatorship. In the art world, the focus was on studying closely modern and contemporary South Korean history and questioning reality, giving rise to the Minjoong Misool, or "People's Art" movement. It could be said that Lee Bul's art practice is an adroit indictment of South Korean society, in which seemingly contradictory values such as tradition and reform, conservatism and progressiveness, patriarchal order and a diversity of gender identities collide. This lecture examines Lee's extreme yet subtle approach to interpreting and presenting this aspect of South Korean society and history.

Speaker: Hyeshin Kim (Lecturer, Aoyama Gakuin University)

Date: 15:00-16:30, Saturday, 21th April, 2012 (Registration 14:30-)
Venue: Mori Art Museum
Capacity: 80 (bookings required)
Admission: Free (exhibition ticket required)

Bookings: * Booked Out

"AI WEI WEI" Image photo
Photo: Mikuriya Shinichiro

Curator Talk  * Japanese only

The exhibition curator discusses the sense of values that can be seen in Lee Bul's artworks, making reference to various theories of Utopia and "the ideal society."

Speaker: Kataoka Mami (Chief Curator, Mori Art Museum)

Date: 19:00-20:30, Wednesday, 22 February, 2012 (Registration 18:30-)
Venue: Mori Art Museum
Capacity: 80 (bookings required)
Admission: free (exhibition ticket required)
Bookings: * Booked Out

Photo: Okabe Aomi

Children's workshop: Children's Pride 4.28 in Roppongi Hills  *Japanese Only

Through her creative activities, Lee Bul has pursued a vision of the future. To coincide with the exhibition, contemporary artist Yamamoto Takayuki has been invited to hold a children's workshop. Participants will write on placards, flags, and so on the kinds of things children wish for everyday that might provide a clue to making the world a better place, such as "I want to become an adult," "Wouldn't it be great if each day was longer," "I want a big sister," and "I want to fly through the sky," and shout them out as they parade around.

Instructor: Yamamoto Takayuki (artist)

Date: 13:00-16:30, Saturday, 28 April, 2012
Venue: Mori Art Museum and others
Capacity: 20 (bookings required)
Recommended Age: Ages 5-10
Admission: Free (exhibition ticket required)

Bookings: * Booked Out

* Due to events, the video of the Artist's Message will not be screened on Friday, 9 March / Tuesday, 20 March / Saturday, 7 April / Friday, 13 April / Saturday, 21 April / Saturday, 28 April.

Member's Event

Photo: Matsui Fuyuko

Matsui Fuyuko (artist)
"Medicine and Art: Imagining a Future for Life and Love", Mori Art Museum
Talk Session No.2 "When Art and Science Meet" 2009
Photo: Mikuriya Shinichiro

MAMC Night for "Lee Bul" exhibition

With a two-person gallery talk by artist Matsui Fuyuko and Kataoka Mami
(Chief Curator, Mori Art Museum)!

MAMC Night is a special way for MAMC members to enjoy exhibitions at the Mori Art Museum. This time we welcome artist Matsui Fuyuko as a special guest.
Matsui will be joined by Lee Bul exhibition curator Kataoka Mami, and they will discuss the exhibits as they tour the show.

How will Matsui respond to Lee Bul's artworks - as an artist and as a woman?
What aspects of Lee's work will catch her eye?
Matsui's impressions coupled with Kataoka's explanations are sure to reveal a whole new perspective on Lee's art.

And for members' enjoyment after the talk, Bombay Sapphire, one of the museum's corporate members, will provide a special bar at the museum entrance. With special cocktails on offer, the bar is sure to encourage spirited discussion between members!

Feel free to bring your friends, and join us and Matsui Fuyuko as we celebrate Lee Bul's art.


Date&Time: Tuesday, 6 March 2012; 19:00-21:30
(Admission starts at 19:00 / Last admission at 21:00)
*Dialogue-Style Gallery Talk 19:40-20:40
Venue: Mori Art Museum (Mori Tower 53F)
Registration: Mori Art Museum Information (Mori Tower 3F)
Attendance: Open to all MAMC Individual members
*New members joining MAMC on the evening are also welcome.
Number of accompanied guests allowed:
Benefactor: up to 2 guests Fellow: up to 1 guest
*Please note that members and their guests are requested to enter at the same time.
Admission: Free for all participants

*Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation


19:00 Registration, gallery open
19:30-20:30 Dialogue-Style Gallery Talk
(20:30-21:30 Bombay Sapphire Special Bar opens)
21:00 Registration closes
21:30 Museum closes

Matsui Fuyuko Profile

Born in 1974 in Morimachi, Shizuoka Prefecture.
After acquiring a BFA from Tokyo University of the Arts, Matsui then became the first woman in that university's history to gain a Ph.D. in Nihon-ga (Japanese painting). She is currently the subject of a mid-career retrospective, "Fuyuko Matsui: Becoming Friends with All the Children in the World" at Yokohama Museum of Art.

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