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About “MAM Screen”

The development of video art, which first appeared in the 1960s, has progressed in leaps and bounds alongside innovations in video technology. As the number of video installations combining multiple media also grows, under the “MAM Screen” program single-channel video works from around the world will be screened daily over the period of the relevant exhibition. This program enables visitors to view works on video in concentrated fashion, and at their leisure.

MAM Screen 005: Niwa Yoshinori Selected Video Works

“MAM Screen 005” will showcase the works on video of artist Niwa Yoshinori (b. 1982). Setting his work in the streets and other public spaces of various countries, and locations with political connections, Niwa stages social and historical interventions by engaging in what at first glance appear to be meaningless and absurd acts and schemes, and presents on video a portion of these happenings in their entirety, including the unexpected outcomes resulting from the negotiation, its failures and reactions from others.

In this exhibition, we present a special edition of Niwa’s four-part “Communism” series which is in the Collection of the Mori Art Museum: Tossing Socialist in the Air in Romania, Looking for Vladimir Lenin at Moscow Apartments, Celebrating Karl Marx’s Birthday with the Japanese Communist Party, and Proposing Holding up Karl Marx to Japanese Communist Party, newly re-edited for this showing. Through “nonsensical” actions and sense of humor that emerge from the series of attempts made by the artists (as indicted by the titles), Niwa’s will have us reconsider the various value systems and significance in our society.

Works Screened

  1. 1. Tossing Socialist in the Air in Romania (single-channel version), 2010/2016, 25 min. 24 sec.
  2. 2. Looking for Vladimir Lenin at Moscow Apartments (single-channel version), 2012/2016, 22 min. 32 sec.
  3. 3. Celebrating Karl Marx’s Birthday with the Japanese Communist Party (single-channel version), 2013/2016, 22 min. 56 sec.
  4. 4. Proposing Holding up Karl Marx to the Japanese Communist Party (single-channel version), 2013/2016, 18 min. 27 sec.

* The works are re-edited for this particular showing, and are different from the original editions.
* Due to some events an programs scheduled, the screening might be temporarily unavailable on occasion.

Looking for Vladimir Lenin at Moscow Apartments
26 min. 14 sec.

Proposing Holding up Karl Marx to Japanese Communist Party
18 min. 2 sec.

Niwa Yoshinori

Born 1982 in Aichi, Japan. Major exhibitions include the Setouchi Triennale 2016 (Naoshima, Kagawa), “Our Beloved World” (MIMOCA Marugame Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art, 2015), “Historically Historic Historical History of Communism” (Edel Assanti, London, 2015), “Double Vision: Contemporary Art from Japan” (Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Haifa Museums, 2012), Aichi Triennale 2013 (Nagoya area), and “Roppongi Crossing 2013: OUT OF DOUBT” (Mori Art Museum, Tokyo).

Niwa Yoshinori

General Information

Period: Saturday, February 4, 2017 - Sunday, June 11, 2017
Venue: Mori Art Museum
Organizer: Mori Art Museum
Curated by: Kumakura Haruko (Assistant Curator, Mori Art Museum)

Open Hours: 10:00-22:00 (Tuesdays: 10:00-17:00)
* Admission until 30 minutes before closing.
* Open everyday.

Admission: Adult: ¥1,800
University / Highschool student: ¥1,200
Child (Age 4 up to Junior highschool student): ¥600
Senior (Ages 65 & over): ¥1,500
* All prices include tax.
* Ticket also valid for “N. S. Harsha: Charming Journey,” “MAM Collection 004” and “MAM Project 023.”
* Ticket also valid for Tokyo City View observation deck (excludes Sky Deck).
* Admission to Mori Arts Center Gallery is not included.
* Additional entrance fee to the Sky Deck is required.
Inquiries: +81-(0)3-5777-8600 (Hello Dial)

Notice about “MAM Screen 005”

* The program is approximately 90 minutes long, altogether.
* The program is scheduled to start at:
  10:20, 12:00, 13:40, 15:20, 17:00, 18:40, 20:20
  except for Tuesdays (where it is scheduled to start at 10:20, 12:00, 13:40, 15:20)

Due to some events and programs scheduled, the screening may be temporarily unavailable during the following time-frame:
* Please note that events will be added.

12:00-17:00 Saturday, February 4
10:00-13:40 Tuesday, February 14
17:00- closing time Thursday, February 16
10:00-18:40 Sunday, February 19
10:00-12:00 Thursday, March 9
13:40-15:20 Tuesday, March 21
17:00- closing time Tuesday, April 4
17:00- closing time Friday, April 14
17:00- closing time Wednesday, April 19
12:00-17:00 Saturday, April 22
All day Sunday, April 23
18:40-20:20 Saturday, May 13
18:40-20:20 Saturday, May 27
10:00-12:00 Friday, June 2
12:00-17:00 Wednesday, June 7

Tossing Socialist in the Air in Romania
25 min. 24 sec.

Notice Regarding Photography in the Galleries

At the exhibition “MAM Screen 005: Niwa Yoshinori Selected Video Works,” you may photograph the artworks under the following conditions.

When taking permitted photographs:

Do NOT touch the works of art.
Do NOT interfere with other visitors' enjoyment of the museum.
Do NOT use flash lighting.
Do NOT use tripods and selfie sticks.

When using photographs taken of the exhibition:

  • Photographs may be used for non-commercial purposes only. Photographs may NOT be used for commercial purposes.
  • Photographs may NOT be altered in any ways.
  • The conditions above are licensed under the Creative Commons License. When uploading photographs for blogs or any other photo-sharing services, please make sure to display the below marks and phrases with the photograph.


Artist’s name and work title: Niwa Yoshinori Looking for Vladimir Lenin at Moscow Apartments
This photograph is licensed under “Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-NoDerivative Works 2.1 Japan.”

* For details about the Creative Commons License and marks, please see the Creative Commons Japan website: http://creativecommons.jp
* If photographs that include other museum visitors are made public, they may infringe on that person’ s right of portrait.