Book Lounge

Nature Book Lounge

The Mori Art Museum will establish “Nature Book Lounge” within the “Sensing Nature” exhibition in collaboration with Academyhills, which operates a members-only library within Roppongi Hills.
It is planned that the “Nature Book Lounge” will offer around 500 books on subjects related to the exhibition, including the mythology and cosmology on which the Japanese sense of nature is founded; views of nature and the seasons as expressed in Jomon Period culture, the Manyoshu and The Tale of Genji; the development of the Japanese garden; issues pertaining to Japanese physicality, sense and perception; expression of physicality found in modern Japanese art; Monoha; and photographic albums of natural landscapes that can be appreciated by the whole family.
Furthermore, the "Nature Book Lounge" will be designed by the creative unit REBIRTH PROJECT, which is led by actor Iseya Yusuke and sees artists and architects use recycled materials in furniture and space design.
The “Nature Book Lounge” is open throughout the duration of the “Sensing Nature” exhibition and is accessible to all those holding a valid exhibition ticket. It will also serve as the venue for the lecture series and other events aimed at thinking about the Japanese sense of nature.

Dates:  24 July (Sat) - 7 November (Sun), 2010
* Due to events, the book lounge will not be available on Thursday, 14 October and Tuesday, 3 November.
Venue:  Gallery 1, Mori Art Museum
Cooperation:  Academyhills Library
Direction:  Shibukawa Masatoshi (Fellow, Academyhills Roppongi Library),
Takahashi Junjiro (Adviser, Acacemyhills /Professor Emeritus, Keio University)

Developed with the aim of supporting the activities of autonomous individuals who work outside of the traditional forums of organization or company, Academyhills is a members-only library and school focused on the needs of business people. It is located on the 49th floor of Roppongi Hills Mori Tower.
The Roppongi Library’s collection of 17,000 books, focused mainly on new business publications, has been carefully assembled to provide business people with up-to-date and essential information and knowledge. A place for people to gather, the intellect to be refined, interaction to occur, and connections to be made: Academyhills is a knowledge hub where new values are always being developed.

Started in May, 2009 as a project aimed at helping everyone survive on Earth. Directed by actor Iseya Yusuke. The project creates products and initiatives that seek to develop new values by making effective re-use of discarded and recyclable materials in the fields of clothing, food and shelter. All profits are directed towards education and the protection of the environment – thereby indicating the potential for a new cyclical approach to social interaction.
In 2009, REBIRTH PROJECT participated in the exhibition “No Man's Land” that was held at the former French Embassy in Tokyo. In May, 2010, it launched the “LeeBIRTH PROJECT,” a denim-recycling project held in collaboration with the denim brand Lee.