Change through experiencing art

About "Learning"

We aim to offer learning programs that lead to a wide variety of interactive “learning” in which knowledge is shared in both directions between the museum and program participants. The programs are designed to enhance the participants quality of life by creative experiences through contemporary art - all to realize a society where we enjoy art in every aspect of life.


Community Programs

The “Community Engagement Program“ aim to bolster involvement with the wider community, interacting with the local community in different ways to help people experience art more closely as part of day-to-day living. In addition to town and museum initiatives offering unique opportunities to unravel city, society and different fields from an art perspective out on the streets, the Museum joins members of the local community to run workshops and other immersive programs connected to specific shared interests and concerns.


  • MAM Documents 001: Trauma and Utopia: Interactions in Post-war and Contemporary Art in Asia

    1,500 yen (tax incl.)
    Language: Japanese

    Documentation of the symposium jointly held by the Mori Art Museum and the Tate Research Centre: Asia-Pacific of London (October 9 & 10, 2014). In Japanese-language only.

  • MAM Documents 002: Global Art and Diasporic Art in Japan and Asia

    1,950 yen (tax incl.)
    Language: Japanese

    Documentation of the symposium organized by Mori Art Museum, New York University Asia 2015 Global Asia/Pacific Art Exchange Initiative, and the Integrated Human Sciences for Cultural Diversity Program (IHS), the University of Tokyo, held in June, 2015. In Japanese-language only.

  • How Global Can Museums Be? - CIMAM (International Committee for Museums and Collections of Modern Art) 2015 Annual Conference Tokyo Report

    1,500 yen (incl. tax)
    Language: Japanese

    From Saturday, November 7 to Monday, November 9, 2015, the CIMAM 2015 Annual Conference Tokyo was held at the National Art Center, Tokyo, and Roppongi Academyhills. Mori Art Museum was involved in the staging of this international conference as the executive office. In Japanese-language only.