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Art Triangle Roppongi

Tokyo's New Art Area: Explore the Art Triangle Roppongi

With the arrival of two major museums - The National Art Center, Tokyo (opened 21 January 2007) and the Suntory Museum of Art (opened 30 March 2007) - Roppongi has become established as one of Tokyo's major cultural centers. These two new museums, along with current Roppongi resident, the Mori Art Museum, have agreed to work together to further promote art appreciation - both inside their galleries and beyond. The three museums form the "Art Triangle Roppongi."

“ATRo Saving”
Art Triangle Roppongi has a popular discount ticket system “ATRo Saving”. Visitors retaining an entrance ticket stub of an on going exhibition at The National Art Center, Tokyo, Suntory Museum of Art or Mori Art Museum are entitled to a reduced entry price at the other two galleries.
*ATRo Saving applies to exhibitions listed in the Map Calendar only. At The National Art Center, Tokyo there are some exceptions to this offer. Please inquire at reception.
*Discount applies for one person presenting one ticket stub on one occasion at each of the other galleries. Cannot be combined with any other discount.

“SUNSHOWER: Contemporary Art from Southeast Asia 1980s to Now”

July 5, 2017 - October 23, 2017
Venues: Special Exhibition Hall 2E, The National Art Center, Tokyo; Mori Art Museum
[Joint Exhibition Held Simultaneously at Two Museums]

* 200-yen discount off of admission will be applied to those who show ticket stubs of the exhibition held at the Suntory Museum of Art, The National Art Center, Tokyo and Mori Art Museum when entering the above exhibition.
* Only “Ticket for Single Venue” stubs of either Mori Art Museum or The National Art Center, Tokyo are valid.

Mori Art Museum: adults 200 yen off
Suntory Museum of Art: 100 yen off for all admissions
The National Art Center, Tokyo: discount rate varies accordingly
The National Art Center, Tokyo
Tel: 03-5777-8600 (Hello Dial)

Suntory Museum of Art
Tel: 03-3479-8600;
*Exhibition contents and opening hours are subject to change.Please ask each museum for details.
“Art Triangle Roppongi” Map

The first activity of Art Triangle Roppongi was to make a handy map, which not only links the three museums, but highlights some of the other cultural attractions in this area. Use the map to navigate your way around Tokyo's most exciting art area!

Download the map (PDF/2.1MB) [2017.4-2017.8 Version]

The map is also available at the Mori Art Museum and elsewhere.

“Art Triangle Roppongi” Map(cover)