“The Universe and Art” exhibition in Singapore starts on April 1!

“The Universe and Art” exhibition is touring to Singapore and will be on view at ArtScience Museum, located within Marina Bay Sands from April 1, 2017. Check out "the portal to the universe" that appears in Singapore!

Exhibition Period: Saturday, April 1 - Sunday, July 30, 2017
Venue: ArtScience Museum (Singapore)

Tour of “The Universe and Art” and autograph signing courtesy of Sorayama Hajime

Tour of “The Universe and Art” exhibition + autograph session courtesy of Sorayama Hajime, creator of the popular Sexy Robot !

A tour of “The Universe and Art” exhibition will be conducted by Sorayama Hajime – internationally renowned as designer of the AIBO robot dog as well as seductive robots such as that gracing the jacket of Aerosmith album Just Push Play – in conjunction with “The Universe and Art” curator Tsubaki Reiko. Sorayama will also reveal the story behind the creation of Sexy Robot, and after the tour, sign autographs in the Mori Art Museum auditorium for purchasers of exhibition catalogues and merchandise.

Appearances: Soryama Hajime, Tsubaki Reiko (Assistant Curator, Mori Art Museum)

Date & Time:  19:00–20:45, Friday, December 16, 2016
  Tour:  19:00–19:45
  Autograph session:  19:45–20:45

Venue: Mori Art Museum
Capacity: 50
Admission: Free (exhibition ticket required)
Booking: NOT required (first-come basis; please come to the entrance hall of the exhibition directly)

Sorayama Hajime

Sorayama Hajime

Born 1947 in Ehime, Japan. Graduated from Chubi Central Art School in 1969. Since becoming freelance in 1972, following a stint at an advertising agency, Sorayama has reached legendary status both at home and abroad with his extraordinarily realistic works pursuing the beauty of the human body and machinery. His “Sexy Robot” series (1978–), which expresses the beauty the female body in the form of a robot, had a great influence on the image of robots thereafter. He received the Good Design Award Grand Prize (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) and Media Art Festival Grand Prize (Agency for Cultural Affairs) for his role in the concept design for Sony’s AIBO robotic dog.

On sale now! Original merchandise featuring Amano Yoshitaka’s exclusive visuals

On Saturday, December 17, 2017, the Museum will launch a range of products based on the anthropomorphic visuals (on display since Wednesday, November 23) created exclusively for “The Universe and Art” by Final Fantasy character designer Amano Yoshitaka and inspired by Meteorite Sword, one of the biggest drawcards of the exhibition. An unmissable opportunity for Amano Yoshitaka fans and sword enthusiasts of all stripes to purchase these irresistible souvenirs of the exhibition.

iPhone6 case

¥1,800 (incl. tax)

Clear file folder

¥400 (incl. tax)


¥150 (incl. tax)

Framed giclee prints

Frame size: H424mm × W335mm × D35mm
¥19,000 (incl. tax)

Available at: “The Universe and Art” Special Shop
Inquiries: Mori Art Museum Shop
Tel: 81-(0)3-6406-6118

JAXA spacesuit positioned for photo opportunities

JAXA spacesuit

A JAXA spacesuit has been set up near the entrance hall, giving visitors the chance to take the ultimate space shot to mark their visit to the exhibition!

Available: Friday, December 9, 2016 - Sunday, January 9, 2017

Visual inspired by the Meteorite Sword by popular illustrator Amano Yoshitaka will be unveiled!

On Wednesday, November 23, 2016, as part of the “The Universe and Art” exhibition, the Mori Art Museum will unveil visual inspired by the Meteorite Sword, with an anthropomorphic twist, by popular illustrator Amano Yoshitaka, whose prolific career includes character design for the Final Fantasy series.
Amano Yoshitaka's unique take on the world will make this display a must-see for followers of the illustrator and sword enthusiasts, and a great bonus for anyone viewing the Meteorite Sword.

Concept for the visuals

According to Amano Yoshitaka: “Landing on earth from deep space, a shooting star sword takes the form of a beautiful blade. The sword's mysterious glow is about be unlocked, revealing its hidden power. With what will it do battle, and what will it slay?”

About meteorite swords : here

Amano Yoshitaka
Meteorite Sword
Acrylic on paper
©AMANO Yoshitaka
Courtesy: Mizuma art Gallery

Profile: Amano Yoshitaka

Painter, character designer, illustrator and cover designer, Amano also works in set and costume design. His finely-wrought, fascinating, fantastical style has seen him build a global fan base.

Announcing a “Shooting star ticket combo” for admission to “The Universe and Art” and “HUAWEI presents StarrySky Illumination”!

A “Shooting star ticket combo” for “HUAWEI presents StarrySky Illumination” – to be staged at the Tokyo City View Roppongi Hills observation deck (November 23, 2016 - January 29, 2017) and “The Universe and Art” will go on sale Wednesday, November 23. This great deal represents a saving of 600 yen on the combined admission price for these events, and is the perfect way to enjoy the diverse views of our universe offered by “HUAWEI presents StarrySky Illumination” and “The Universe and Art.”

Combo ticket price: Adult 2,800 yen; University/highschool student 2,000 yen; Child (age 4 up to junior highschool student) 1,100 yen; Senior (Ages 65 and over) 2,500 yen
On sale: from Wednesday, November 23, 2016 to Monday, January 9, 2017
* Combo ticket is sold at ticket counter only on the day of usage.

“Hills Life”


Interview of Tom Sachs, participating artist of "The Universe and Art," and Fujiwara Hiroshi, creator who has been leading Japanese cultural scene in music and fashion, is appearing in "Hills Life" Vol. 82. Check out the article here (in Japanese Language only).

The 81st issue of the "Hills Life," Hills' area magazine, features "Universe and Art" exhibition now on view.
Read "Hills Life" online (in Japanese Language Only): here

Exclusive merchandise by Shinohara Tomoe

From Thursday, October 20 the Mori Art Museum will offer original items designed by a Japanese TV talent, Shinohara Tomoe, who serves as the navigator for the exhibition’s audio guide.
Shinohara’s cosmic design in accessible pastel hues adorns a range of merchandise to delight young and old, essentials for the long autumn nights as the best season for stargazing begins.
On your visit to “The Universe and Art,” do take a moment to stop and browse this very distinctive range of products.

Shinohara Tomoe

Comment from Shinohara Tomoe

Here, I present a colorful version of my beloved night sky! Stargazing has been a favorite activity of mine since childhood, and for me, space is a special, vibrantly hued place that never fails to make me feel good.
I hope you enjoy my pastel view of the universe!

Tomoe Shinohara☆DESIGN☆

Tomoe Shinohara☆DESIGN☆Star chart

¥648 (incl. tax)

Tomoe Shinohara☆DESIGN☆Telescope

Tomoe Shinohara☆DESIGN☆Telescope

¥81,000 (incl. tax)

Tomoe Shinohara☆DESIGN☆Mini towel

Tomoe Shinohara☆DESIGN☆Mini towel

¥864 (incl. tax)
* Mini towel on sale from Friday, October 28

Inquiries: Mori Art Museum Shop
Tel: +81-(0)3-6406-6118

Tom Sachs Catalogue Signing Session

Commemorating the visit of “The Universe and Art” participating artist Tom Sachs, we’ve decided to hold an autograph-signing session exclusively for those who purchase the exhibition catalogue on Friday, October 21, 2016 (after the “Artist Talk & Film Screening”)

Date & Time: 22:00-23:00 (TBD), Friday, October 21, 2016
For: Signing will be given to the catalogues purchased on this day, only.


Installation shots and photo reports for workshop of “The Universe and Art” exhibition are now uploaded on our Flickr. You can check them here!

Roppongi Art Night 2016

Roppongi Art Night 2016
Roppongi Art Night is an all-night, festival of art staged throughout the streets of Roppongi. The extravaganza spans the whole of the Roppongi district, centered on its art museums and other cultural institutions, large-scale building complexes and shopping centers, and features a range of events from art exhibits, music and performances to public discussions. During the Art Night, museums stay open late and offer discounted admissions. As well, the local shops and restaurants offer various special services.

Date & Time: Friday, October 21, 2016, - Sunday, October 23, 2016
[Core Time #1] 17:30 – 24:00, Oct. 21
[Day Time] 11:00 - 17:30, Oct. 22
[Core Time #2] 17:30, Oct. 22 - 6:00, Oct. 23

Details: here

Opening Hour Extension
Friday, October 21 open until 1:00 a.m. the following morning, and Saturday, October 22 open until 6:00 a.m. the following morning, respectively.
* Admission until 30 minutes before closing.

Notice about the Audio Guide Rental
From October 21 to 23, audio guide devices will be available for rent during the following hours only:
Time: 10:00-21:15
Thank you for your understanding.

Special Programs
“The Universe and Art” exhibition-related events will be held during the Roppongi Art Night 2016.
Fri, Oct. 22 Artist Talk & Film Screening
Speaker: Tom Sachs (Artist)

Sat, Oct. 23 Gallery Talks by the Exhibition Curator
Speaker: Tsubaki Reiko (Associate Curator, Mori Art Museum)

[PARTICIPATE] “Innovative City Forum 2016” Tom Sachs appears as a panel!

* Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation available

“Innovative City Forum 2016” will be held at Toranomon Hills Forum for 2 days on October 19 & 20, 2016.
On Day 1, speakers related to the Mori Art Museum's exhibition “The Universe and Art,” such as Tom Sachs (Artist), Neri Oxman (Associate Professor, Media Arts and Sciences, MIT Media Lab), Sono Masayuki (Founding Partner, Clouds Architecture Office) and Melodie Yashar (Architect, Space Exploration Architecture / Assistant Professor, Pratt Institute) from architectural group of MARS ICE HOUSE, as well as Nanjo Fumio, Director of Mori Art Museum, and a co-curator of the exhibition will appear in this forum.

“Innovative City Forum 2016”
Designing the Future for Global Cities and Lifestyles 20 Years into the Future

Dates: Wednesday, October 19 - Thursday, October 20, 2016 (2 days)
Venue: Toranomon Hills Forum, Tokyo
Fee: 5,000 yen per session (incl. tax)
* Kindly note some of the session have different fees.
Details and bookings:
Article on Mori Art Museum Blog: here

TV Program “Bura Bura Bijutsu/Hakubutsu-kan” On-Air on Sep. 23!

A very popular TV program “Bura Bura Bijutsu/Hakubutsu-kan (Wander around Museums)” that is to be aired tomorrow, Friday, September 23, will feature “The Universe and Art.”
Check it out and wander around the exhibition!

BS Nippon Television “Bura Bura Bijutsu/Hakubutsu-kan”

On air: 20:00-20:54, Friday, September 23, 2016 (BS Nippon Television)
Appearing cast members:
Yamada Goro, Ogiyahagi (comedian duo), and Takahashi Mariko
Website: * In Japanese-language only

Special NHK Broadcasting Program on Sep. 19 !

Special TV program by NHK featuring “The Universe and Art” will be broadcasted on Respect for the Aged Day, September 19, 2016.
The exhibition crosses-over multiple genres such as science, art, history, literature, stimulating interests and imaginations of everyone.
Kojima Ruriko, a TV talent, and Hirano Keiichiro, Akutagawa Prize-winning novelist, walk through the exhibition together and explore the universe, a target of human perennial interest and as well experience the “infinite expansion of time, space, imagination.”
How would this time-travel be like?
Don't miss the TV program!

Special NHK Broadcasting Program
“Feel the Space through Art! Space Traveler”
* Japanese title: “Art de Taikan! Uchu Traveler”

On air: 14:00-14:59, Monday, September 19, 2016 (NHK General)
Appearing cast members: Kojima Ruriko, Hirano Keiichiro, Inoko Toshiyuki (Artist / Founder of teamLab), Watanabe Junichi (Vice-Director General Professor, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan), Nanjo Fumio (Director, Mori Art Museum)
* In Japanese-language only

Collaboration Menu

[THE SUN Change of Opening Hour]

THE SUN will be closed at 5 p. m. on December 31, due to the event.
Thank you for your understanding.

As of Monday September 12, new dishes inspired by “The Universe and Art” will be available at the Cafe Area THE SUN of the Museum Cafe & Restaurant THE SUN & THE MOON on the 52F of the Mori Tower.
Offering visual and taste sensations exclusive to the exhibition, “The Universe and Art” collaboration menu will transport your time at the Museum into another dimension!

Cosmic culinary experience guaranteed! A tempting black hole of a donburi that will suck you right in...

Black Hole Kakiage-Don 1,280 yen (incl. tax)
Seafood (soft-shell shrimp, prawn, squid, clams) tempura-style with bamboo charcoal, topped with a quail’s egg, gold leaf and silver sugar sprinkles to create a dish inspired by the sun and stars. Bamboo charcoal is also used to color the rice.
Available September 12 - January 9

A fantastical, space-themed parfait to tempt adult tastebuds!

Planet and Spacetime Parfait 900 yen (incl. tax)
Scoops of tiramisu and yuzu ice cream in planet-like proportions top a dessert inspired by the Milky Way, with blue soda-flavored jelly, purple blueberry sauce, white pannacotta, and a sprinkling of silver sugar crystals. Mandarin orange and chocolate chips add a final flourish to this indulgent parfait for grownup palates.
Available September 12 - October 31 January 9
* Offer extended until the end of the exhibition by popular demand!

A space station view of the cosmos!

Planet and Spacetime Dessert Plate 1,200 yen (incl. tax)
“Planets” of cassis mousse and pistachio ice cream, a baked chocolate meteorite, cheesecake shooting star and more make this artistic rendering of the cosmos a delectable sweet selection impossible to resist.
Available November 1 - January 9

In addition, customers ordering from the tie-in menu will receive a free coaster based on the “Mission Emblem” designed for the exhibition (9 cm in diameter, color cannot be chosen).

Location: Cafe Area THE SUN at the Museum Cafe & Restaurant THE SUN & THE MOON
(52F, Roppongi Hills Mori Tower)
Hours: 11:00–22:00 (Last orders: food 21:00, drinks 21:30)
Open every day during the exhibition (may close for events)


The Cafe Area THE SUN of the Museum Cafe & Restaurant THE SUN & THE MOON will be closed to public on October 20, 26 and 27 due to some exclusive events. Thank you for your understanding.

Exhibition Catalogue

Exhibition Catalogue

Essays by:
Nanjo Fumio (Director, Mori Art Museum)
Tsubaki Reiko (Associate Curator, Mori Art Museum)
Chiku Kakugyo (Director, Kanazawa Institute of Technology Library Center)
Matogawa Yasunori (Professor Emeritus, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency [JAXA])
Alberto Rocca (Director, Veneranda Biblioteca Ambrosiana)

Size: A4 variation (28.2 x 21 cm)
Number of Pages: 320 pages
Languages: Japanese-English bilingual
Price: 3,000 yen (incl. tax)
Edited and Published by: Mori Art Museum / Heibonsha Ltd., Publishers
Date of Issue: July 28, 2016

Exhibition Catalogue with Mission Emblem available from September 12

Limited Sets of Exhibition Catalogue & Official Mission Emblem available from September 12

“The Universe and Art” catalogue & original Mission Emblem set 3,600 yen (incl. tax)
As well as all the works on rotating display, such as the da Vinci manuscripts and the mandalas, “The Universe and Art” catalogue contains absorbing essays by a first-class lineup of writers. This fascinating catalogue also containing commentaries on all the works on show comes with a free “Mission Emblem” designed exclusively for the exhibition.
Supplies are limited, so be in quick!

Inquiries: Mori Art Museum Shop
Tel: +81-(0)3-6406-6118

“The Universe and Art” Promotional Video clips.

* Please click the “YouTube” logo to watch videos in a larger screen.

“The Universe and Art” Special Trailer

Okayoshi Kunimune
Meteorite Sword

Sorayama Hajime
Sexy Robot

Conrad Shawcross

Björn Dahlem
Black Hole (M-Spheres)

“The Universe and Art” Promotion Video: Digest Version

List of Exhibition Works

Please download the list of exhibited works of “The Universe and Art: Princess Kaguya, Leonardo da Vinci, teamLab.”(PDF/881KB)

“The Universe and Art” Exhibition Limited-Edition Design Passport on Sale

To commemorate the opening of the exhibition “The Universe and Art,” limited edition design Passport is now on sale.
The card is originally and uniquely designed for the exhibition, with such motifs as astronaut, rocket, planets etc. Buy one on your visit!

Period of the sales: Thursday, August 11, 2016 -
Purchase at: 3F & 52F, Roppongi Hills Mori Tower
Inquiries: Tokyo City View Tel: +81-(0)3-6406-6652

Two Universes Have Emerged in Tokyo?!
TeNQ (Space Museum)

TeNQ Space Museum is a new entertainment venue where visitors could enjoy unforgettable starry sky, sensation of overpowering cosmic space, the latest science, and culture inspired from space.
Why not visit both TeNQ and “The Universe and Art” exhibition at the Mori Art Museum and learn more about the Universe?

TeNQ (Space Museum)

Open hours:
11:00-21:00 on weekdays (Last admission at 20:00)
10:00-21:00 on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and specified dates (Last admission at 20:00)
  * “Specified Dates” are Golden Week, spring/summer/winter school holidays, etc.
  * Open everyday (with some closures for scheduled equipment maintenance and special events)
Place: Tokyo Dome City, Yellow Building 6F
Admission: Adult 1,800 yen (Day Ticket) and others
  * Admission to TeNQ is at specific days and times only.
  * Children under age 4 may not permitted to enter the museum

Website of TeNQ here:

Now on view at TeNQ!

TeNQ Space Museum 2nd Anniversary Special Exhibition
The Motion Picture “your name.” × TeNQ “Sora Exhibit Envisioned by Makoto Shinkai”

What sort of scenery comes to mind when you hear the word “sky” (sora)?
The crowded urban sky framed by soaring buildings, the rural night sky carpeted with stars, the dark reaches of outer space seeping through the space between those stars... The sky, and deep space beyond, is always spread out uniformly above us.
Animation director Shinkai Makoto, renowned inside and outside Japan for the intricacy and detail of his work, has depicted the sky and space many times in his visual creations. This exhibit focuses on the new motion picture "your name.," opening in theaters this summer, to present various displays on the process of drawing the film’s gorgeous skyscapes. We also introduce the connection between Shinkai’s works and the sora (sky and space) through his own explanations of his inspiration and ideas about the sora.

Period: Thru Sunday, November 6, 2016
Venue: Gallery within TeNQ
Admission: Included in the admission to TeNQ
Details of “Sora Exhibit Envisioned by Makoto Shinkai” here:
* In Japanese-language only

Live streaming of the event on July 30!

Artists’ Talk by artists in the exhibition will be live streamed!
Check out Mori Art Museum's official Twitter and watch Periscope live!
If you couldn't book the program, catch this live streaming!

Artists’ Talk * Japanese-English consecutive interpretation available

Speakers: Björn Dahlem | Conrad Shawcross | Semiconductor | Jia Aili | Patricia Piccinini | Maria Gruzdeva
Date & Time: 18:00-20:00, Saturday, July 30, 2016
* About the program here

Audio Guide

The audio guide devices (Japanese / English), introducing the main pieces exhibited in “The Universe and Art,” are available for the visitors to the Museum at the entrance hall on the 53F. Japanese version audio guide features Shinohara Tomoe, a Japanese TV talent. In addition, Inoko Toshiyuki, founder of teamLab, gives introduction and commentary on teamLab’s latest installation work specially commissioned for the exhibition.

Available in: Japanese / English
Number of Artworks Introduced: 20 (+ 2 special commentaries)
Length: Approx. 35 minutes
Charge: 550 yen (incl. tax)

Inoko Toshiyuki


“Kids' Passport to Mission”

At “The Universe and Art” exhibition, special “Passport” is available to enhance the children's enjoyment.
If you complete all the missions, you will get an exclusive sticker.
Download PDF version of the Passport here:
PDF (PDF/2.04MB) * Supplementary English text here (PDF/161KB)

  • * Please note that number of Passport delivered at the venue is limited.
  • * Please print out the copy of PDF Passport and join in the mission.
  • * Sticker is given to kids only (up to junior high school students).


Notice About The Exhibits

There will be the changes of exhibits.
Please refer here for complete information with regard to the changes of exhibits.

Related Exhibition “MAM Screen 004”

“MAM Screen 004: Watching the Earth from the Universe”

MAMS004 logo

“MAM Screen 004,” which will run concurrently, features single-channel video works in conjunction with “The Universe and Art.”

Website here

Seto Momoko: Planet A

Seto Momoko
Planet A
7 min. 40 sec.

Notice Regarding Photography in the Galleries

At “The Universe and Art” you may photograph some of the artworks / areas. Please read the notice indicated at the entrance of each galleries. Photography is however NOT allowed for “MAM Screen 004” and “MAM Research 004.”
Details: here