MAM Collection 006: Materials and Boundaries - Handiwirman Saputra + Chiba Masaya

2017.11.18 [Sat] - 2018.4.1 [Sun]

Participating Artists

Handiwirman Saputra (b. 1975)
Chiba Masaya (b. 1980)

“MAM Collection 006” will showcase works by Handiwirman Saputra and Chiba Masaya. They both employ a diverse range of materials and techniques in practices, predominantly sculpture and painting. The exhibition will focus on the differences in gaze, approach, etc. between the two artists with regard to matter, materials, environment and boundaries, and also what they have in common.
Distancing his output from sociopolitical currents in contemporary art responding to the Indonesian democracy movement of 1998 rather than making statements, Saputra declares his works to be simply the materials existing in that place, unbound by any sort of meaning or purpose. Tak Berakah Tak Berpucuk Num. 12 (No Roots No Shoots No. 12) presented at this exhibition may resemble a soft, bag-like object tied up with rubber bands, or the seed of a giant plant, however Saputra declines to offer such answers or meaning, leaving it to the individual viewer to decide how they feel about the work, and how they interpret it. Chiba meanwhile is known for his method of using sculptures he makes himself to construct bizarre, fantastical environments in his studio and other settings, and making these scenes the motifs of his paintings. Powerful Young Boy at 2013 on display in this exhibition was inspired by a visit to the “Sasurai Jizo- [Wandering Ksitigarbha]” in Tono, Iwate Prefecture that had fascinated him for years. Sketches and notes from the trip, and drawings showing detailed plans for the painting, will also be on public display here for the first time.


Handiwirman Saputra
Menahan Letakan Di Bawah Sangkutan (Holding Base Below Hook)
Acrylic cast, foam ink, coloring pigment, sarong cloth, polyurethane paint finish
220 x 135 x 25 cm
Handiwirman Saputra
Tak Berakar Tak Berpucuk Num.12 (No Roots No Shoots No. 12)
Resin, acrylic cast, polyurethane paint finish, galvanic plate, winding thread
150 x 150 x 150 cm
Chiba Masaya
Powerful Young Boy at 2013
Oil on canvas
274 x 225 cm (set of 2)
Photo courtesy: ShugoArts, Tokyo
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MAM Collection 006: Materials and Boundaries - Handiwirman Saputra + Chiba Masaya

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Artist’s name and work title: Handiwirman Saputra Tak Berakar Tak Berpucuk Num.12 (No Roots No Shoots No. 12)
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About “MAM Collection”

The collection of Mori Art Museum which focuses on contemporary art from Japan and elsewhere in Asia currently comprises approximately 400 works. The “MAM Collection” is the series of diverse, theme-based exhibitions to showcase the collection.
Enjoying contemporary art in a living space-like environment and a dynamic view - this program embodies the Mori Art Museum’s motto of “Art + Life.”

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