● Regarding admissions to the STARS exhibition

- In view of the recent situation, we have decided to reinforce our countermeasure against the proliferation of COVID-19 to thoroughly avert “Three Cs” yet again, and advocate that our patrons should purchase/book for their visits in advance via Online Tickets/Booking Website.

- Day tickets are still available at the ticket counter, however, kindly note that there may be a little bit of a wait in case of congestion and/or cases where numbered tickets are distributed in order to control traffic.

- We offer a special admission discount for those purchasing online tickets. See here for details.

● We are taking various countermeasures against COVID-19 in consideration of the health and safety of our patrons and staff members.

- Please read “Our Countermeasures against COVID-19” upon your visit.

- Temperature checks and mandatory mask wearing (for all visitors) upon entry are among the efforts we deploy.

About STARS Exhibition Tickets here. | Our Countermeasures against the New Coronavirus (COVID-19)