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About the Exhibition

The Mending Project
Installation view: Lombard-Freid Projects, New York, 2009
Collection: Rudy Tseng
Photo: Anita Kan

The Dining Project
Installation view: Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, 2007
Collection: JUT Museum Pre-Opening Office, Taipei
Photo: Lee Studio

From September 20, 2014 to January 4, 2015, the Mori Art Museum will be hosting "Lee Mingwei and His Relations." Since the late 1990s, Lee Mingwei (b. 1964), a Taiwan-born artist living in New York, has worked on numerous art projects that involve the participation of an audience in some form or another and participated in countless international exhibitions. "Lee Mingwei and His Relations" will be the first major exhibition enabling visitors to experience comprehensively the most important works of his to date. At the same time, "reference works" by such artists as Hakuin, D. T. Suzuki, Yves Klein, Allan Kaprow, Rirkrit Tiravanija and Ozawa Tsuyoshi that provide clues to understanding the historical and cultural context of Lee's work will also be exhibited.
A number of Lee's works will come to completion through the participation of you, the audience. Participate in various works and explore with us in the meaning of "connections."

Lee Mingwei and His Relations:
The Art of Participation - Seeing, Conversing, Gift-Giving, Writing, Dining and Getting Connected to the World

Exhibition Period: Saturday, September 20, 2014 - Sunday, January 4, 2015
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Venue: Mori Art Museum (53F, Ropponngi Hills Mori Tower)
Organizer: Mori Art Museum
Co-organizer: Ministry of Culture, Taiwan
In Association with: Taipei Cultural Center, Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Japan
Corporate Sponsors: JUT Group
Glory Yeh Culture & Art Foundation
Reliable Source Industrial
Win Sing Development Co., Ltd.
Artist Support: Aoyama Flower Market
Support: China Airlines Cargo
Bombay Sapphire
Curated by: Kataoka Mami (Chief Curator, Mori Art Museum)
Selection of Japanese Historical Works by: Hirose Mami (Senior Consultant, Mori Art Museum)



Aoyama flower Market

Fabric of Memory
Installation view: Shiseido Gallery, Tokyo, 2012
Photo: Kevin Ho

The Living Room
Installation view: Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, Manchester, 2013
Photo: Kevin Ho