Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, has been temporarily closed since February 29 this year. Many of you may be in self-quarantine, or your city of residence could be on lockdown? Either way, we should remain creative even in times like this - with this in mind, Mori Art Museum is launching a limited-time online program “STAY HOME, STAY CREATIVE.” Yes, we will stay connected with all of you even while the Museum is physically closed.

First of all, we’d like to offer an online sneak preview of MAM Screen 013: Mounira Al Solh, as its scheduled opening has been postponed. Introduced online prior to the actual on-site screening are the two video works. Additionally for this we have also put together a series of video archives/documentation of our Learning Programs such as: “Community Engagement Programs” in which you could see that the Museum has been working and collaborating with the local community over some time now; Workshops where children have spent time with artists; and more.

Using social media, we are also presenting a new project entitled “ARTISTS COOKBOOK BY MAM,” which could be regarded as a virtual compilation of special recipes, stories and photographs sent from artists all over the world. Sharing is caring; everything will be shared via social media, recipe by recipe, and over time - for you to please try.

More content will be added and uploaded from now on. In parallel with the real, on-site experiences in the exhibition galleries/Museum, we’d like to take this opportunity to further enrich the virtual experiences of encountering contemporary art online. Let’s expand our world by imagination, even though we are unable to experience it together in the real world at this very moment.

Kataoka Mami
Director, Mori Art Museum

* Watch the uploaded message video, created in collaboration with the museum box.

Photo: Ito Akinori