Learning Camp 002 “We Are Learning: Art Education Futures” - A Roundtable with Independent and Artist-led Learning Practices

Conducted in Japanese

Arts Initiative Tokyo (AIT) in collaboration with Sandra Sykorova from Tate Modern Learning is organizing a symposium on the topic of museum education, and how it is adapting to the changing needs of audiences. One of the key terms used in this discussion has been a shift from “education” to ”learning,” indicating a more involved, participatory and holistic approach towards art and knowledge. Several voices representing smaller, experimental and artistic practices in this field will come together to discuss this shift towards learning in a roundtable setting. While the event is being hosted by large museums, this event can hopefully bring different perspectives and scales of operation to the table. After a brief 10-minute presentation from each participant, we will begin a roundtable discussion asking questions such as:
- Are there particular ways that learning ideas are developed within independent or artist-led projects?
- What is the point of art learning today? Is it to increase public engagement with art, or to use art as a catalyst for social change?
- How are experimental learning models and projects different from more formal art education models such as universities and schools?
- Should learning be “free”? How can the digital domain be used effectively?
- What is the relationship between process and outcome in arts learning?

Date & Time
18:30-20:00, February 16 [Thu], 2017 (Doors Open: 18:00)
Endo Mizuki (Director of HAPS Kyoto / Independent Curator), Nishio Yoshinari (Artist), Roger McDonald (Arts Initiative Tokyo)
Sandra Sykorova (Curator, Public Programmes Learning Department, Tate Modern)
Horiuchi Naoko (Arts Initiative Tokyo)
Sandra Sykorova, Arts Initiative Tokyo (AIT)
Czech Centre Tokyo
Booking Period
2017.2.17 [Fri] - 2.17 [Fri]
Auditorium, Mori Art Museum
60 (booking required)
Free (N. S. Harsha exhibition ticket required)
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