Change through experiencing art

About "Learning"

“Learning” here refers to programs in which we join together to acquire a deeper, broader knowledge of contemporary art from around the world. We all have different interests, know-how and experiences, and the idea is to share these while we come to understand various artists and their work along with the historical, political, social, and cultural contexts that inform it.

Since the 1990s the contemporary art world has seen an expansion in practices such as participatory art, in which audiences become actively involved in the works, and performance art. Increasingly, people are also asking now what art can do to engage with our increasingly complex society. Meanwhile, widespread use and diffusion of the Internet and social media have also encouraged interactive communication to the relationship between museum and audience.

With these developments in mind, we hope you will join us, through our learning programs, to contemplate how contemporary art museums can become new places of ‘Learning.’


School-Tours are sponsored by Nihon Bunkyo Shuppan Co., Ltd.https://www.nichibun-g.co.jp/