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Meet the Artists:
“Getting Involved in the Planning Session for a Party” by Ura Ayaka

* Conducted online, in Japanese

An Invitation: To Those with Whom Are Not Mutually Acquainted

Hello, my name is Ura Ayaka, and I’m an artist.
I’m currently creating a performance art piece that involves getting several people together.
I’d like to invite you to a planning session at which we design a “party” of sorts. (Note that this “party” is probably least likely to become a typical party where one gets together with family and friends and eats cake.)
For example, if you were to hold a party where you intend to share with others the worries that are probably just yours alone, what sort of gathering would you think it would be?
What sort of invitations would you make, and who would you give them to?
Let’s exchange our ideas to create the format for different kinds of gatherings.
Come around and join this “party.”

- Ura Ayaka

[Activities planned for the day]

  • 1.Mini-Lecture: “Art and Parties”
  • 2.Planning Session: Participants review the worksheets they have filled out beforehand and sketch out the plans for the party while discussing.
  • 3.Creating the Invitations: Once the participants decide on what kind of party they are to hold, let us go on and create the invitations.
  • 4.Presentation: The participants exchanges their ideas.
  • 5.After-Hours: The participants talk candidly about all sorts of things.

[What to prepare]

  • ・ Worksheets (2 variations), pens (any color and/or quantity)
  • ・ Print out the worksheets sent to you by the Museum beforehand and respond to the worksheet. Print out as many copies as you think you’ll need for the workshop.
  • * You’ll need to print out at least one copy before the day of the workshop.
Steps Used in Explaining the Party Planning Session
Ura Ayaka
Steps Used in Explaining the Party Planning Session
Ura Ayaka (Artist)
Date & Time
13:30-16:30, Saturday, September 18, 2021
From 13 to 18 years old (Junior High, High school students)
* Entrants are welcome to attend as a group, however, each entrant needs to apply on his/her own.
* Those attending as a group should tune into the session together from one ‘shared’ computer.
* Entrants are also very welcome to attend by themselves.
Booking Period
Thursday, August 19 - 24:00, Sunday, September 12, 2021.
Results of the Lottery
Results of the lottery will be sent to each person via e-mail by Monday, September 13, 2021.

- Be sure to prepare for the workshop beforehand as specified above.
- For this program, we will be using “Zoom,” a web-based video conferencing system. To attend this event, please have your computer or tablet ready with the “Zoom” app installed beforehand.
- Zoom ID provided to join in this workshop is for the participant only. Do not share with the other persons.
- See here on for how to use “Zoom.”
- Please test the connection and check whether you can hear the sound in advance.

Our Requests (to Participants):

- Please leave your device’s camera on whenever possible while attending this program, as this makes it easier for everyone to see their reactions mutually, making the program flow more smoothly.
- For protection of your privacy, we’d urge you NOT to use your real name or your full name as your “Zoom” username. Change your username to your first name only, or use a nickname or some other name. You will be able to change your username while attending the program.
- Note that we will be recording video and images of this video conferencing during the Workshop program; and these contents may be reposted on the official websites of Mori Building Co., Ltd. and/or Mori Art Museum, our social media channels or any other promotional/publicity media, among other places. If you do not wish to be included in these video or photo contents, please turn your device’s camera off.
- Please refrain from taking audio/video recordings or photos of the session contents, including those of the participants, unless you are given permission to do so during the session.
- Participants who exhibit unruly behaviors may be asked to leave the session.
- Also note that the recordings of this program may be used in the works of Ura Ayaka, the artist who leads this Workshop; or in materials like publications, websites and publicity-related activities by those connected with said artist.

Differentiation and Discrimination, Unrelatedness, Separated and Different Jobs (A Salty Ice Cream Shop)
Differentiation and Discrimination, Unrelatedness, Separated and Different Jobs (A Salty Ice Cream Shop)
Bead Necklace Getting Loose: Line of Poetic Body
Bead Necklace Getting Loose: Line of Poetic Body
`Photo: Hako HOSOKAWA

About “Meet the Artists” Workshop Series

From its very beginnings, Mori Art Museum has catered to visitors of all ages via a range of initiatives that include exhibition viewings for schools, and artist-led workshops for preschoolers, elementary and middle school-age children. In May 2020, the Museum launched “LEARNING ONLINE” as part of the “MAM Digital” online program, and the “Meet the Artists” project series is designed to be a new, long-term component of “LEARNING ONLINE.” In each edition of the series, participants will be able to meet the artist and/or curator online, and converse with them directly in their own words. The aim will be to offer a fulfilling art experience digitally, in addition to the real-life, physical experience of art in the museum space. Though “Meet the Artists” may not be accessible in a real space, it will doubtless serve as a wonderful opportunity to expand our world together, through the power of imagination.

Ura Ayaka

Born in Kanagawa prefecture in 1992. Graduated from the Department of Painting at Musashino Art University in 2015. Ura’s aim is to create artwork that serves as a device for inverting or blending disparate things. She has created a number of participatory performance pieces that were achieved in collaboration with her audience. Ura is also involved in exhibitions and event planning as one of the vehicles for her work. Her recent solo exhibitions include Watashi wa Sore o Dansu no Soshi to Nazukeru (“This I Call the Elements of Dance”), 2019, Hiroshima Art Center, Hiroshima; the solo performance Odoru Hakaishi Sono 2/(Chigireta Mimizu) (Tsutsu no you na Karada) (“The Dancing Gravestone Part 2/(The Torn-Apart Earthworm) (The Tube-Shaped Body)”), 2019, blanClass, Kanagawa; and the small performance Tenjikai no Naka no O-Mise (“A Shop in an Exhibition: METAMORPHOSES”), 2020, WATARI-UM, Watari Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo. She also took part in the group exhibition Hikikomi-sen/Hosha-sen (“Lead-in Wires/Radiating Lines”), 2019, as well as exhibitions in various metropolitan locations in Saitama, Tokyo, Kanagawa and more. Ura has been a manager at CSLAB, the independent creative center for students at Tokyo Zokei University since 2019. She is also involved in the co-planning and co-execution of the “female artist meeting” network of women who are involved in art with artist Tsuga Megumi..
Instagram/Twitter: @urayaka

Ura Ayaka

Mori Art Museum
Planning by
Learning, Mori Art Museum
Planning Advisor
Ura Ayaka (Artist)

Notes on Bookings

  • Please note that speakers are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Please note that a reply E-mail will be sent to you after submitting the form. If you do not receive the reply E-mail, please contact us.
  • For booking, one E-mail address is required per person.

Notes on Personal Information

  • Personal information acquired and retained by Mori Art Museum on the website will be used and managed according to the privacy policy of our company.
  • Booking forms use SSL encryption to protect your private information.
  • Registrants will receive “MAM NEWS (Mori Art Museum Mail Magazines)” that deliver the latest news and information about the Mori Art Museum.
Booking Period
2021.8.19 [Thu] - 9.12 [Sun]
Online program using Zoom (video conferencing/meeting)
10 pairs (booking required; attendees selected by a lottery drawing)
* Results of the lottery will be sent to each person via e-mail by Monday, September 13, 2021.
Learning, Mori Art Museum
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