Personal Details (Review / Change / Renew / Cancel)

Review / Change Your Membership
If you are a MAMC individual member and you have already received a login ID and password, you can update your registered information, except your name, online at any time. Click "Review / Change" to proceed.

Renew Your Membership
Once you join MAMC, your membership will be automatically renewed the following year using the same credit card that you used to join initially. If you would like to renew your current membership without any changes in your registered information, you do not need to do anything. You will be able to enjoy exhibitions at any time without worrying about whether your membership is current.

About two months before expiration of your membership (the expiration date is on the reverse of your Member’s Card), you will receive an E-mail with the subject “MAMC, Membership Renewal.”

[To renew your current membership]
You do not need to do anything. Your annual fee will be charged to the same credit card, registered at the time you joined.

[To change your membership category or credit card information]
Please contact us at the E-mail address listed in the renewal E-mail you are sent. You will be notified of procedures separately.

[To cancel your membership]
Simply click the "Cancel" button in the "MAMC, Membership Renewal" E-mail. Your registration for automatic membership renewals via credit card will be stopped immediately.

Cancel Your Membership
Although it is not possible to withdraw from MAMC during your membership period, you can cancel the automatic renewal of your membership for the following year.

* After your membership cancellation application is accepted, your membership benefits will remain valid until your current membership expires.
* Please note that annual fees will not be refunded even if you cancel before the expiration of your current membership.

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