Listen to the Sound of the Earth Turning: Our Wellbeing since the Pandemic

Encounter and Engage with Art in the Real-Life Space by Honing the Senses and the Power of Imagination

2022.6.29 [Wed] - 11.6 [Sun]

* In alphabetical order of the artists’ surnames

  • Ellen Altfest Born 1970 in New York; lives in New York and Kent, CT
  • Aono Fumiaki Born 1968 in Miyagi, Japan; lives in Miyagi
  • Montien Boonma Born 1953 in Bangkok; died 2000 in Bangkok
  • Robert Coutelas Born 1930 in Paris; died 1985 in Paris
  • Horio Akiko Born 1937 in Tokushima, Japan; lives in Hyogo, Japan
  • Horio Sadaharu Born 1939 in Hyogo; died 2018 in Hyogo
  • Iiyama Yuki Born 1988 in Kanagawa, Japan; lives in Tokyo
  • Kanasaki Masashi Born 1990 in Tokyo; lives in Tokyo
  • Kanazawa Sumi Born 1979 in Hyogo; lives in Tokyo
  • Koizumi Meiro Born 1976 in Gunma, Japan; lives in Kanagawa
  • Wolfgang Laib Born 1950 in Metzingen, Germany; lives in Southern Germany, South India and New York
  • Zoe Leonard Born 1961 in New York; lives in New York
  • Naito Masatoshi Born 1938 in Tokyo; lives in Tokyo
  • Yoko Ono Born 1933 in Tokyo; lives in New York
  • Tsai Charwei Born 1980 in Taipei; lives in Taipei
  • Guido van der Werve Born 1977 in Papendrecht, the Netherlands; lives in Berlin, Amsterdam and Hassi, Finland

List of Works

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Yoko Ono
Spring 1963
Offset print
As published in Yoko Ono, Grapefruit (Wunternaum Press, Tokyo, 1964)
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