MAMC, Mori Art Museum Membership Program
Individual Membership

Through our membership program, we not only offer various ways to support the art world, but above all provide opportunities for your enjoyment of art itself.
The “C” of MAMC stands for the marvelous Contemporary art from around the world accessible at the Mori Art Museum, for a special Club that offers a place for art lovers to meet and socialize, and for the Community that forms and grows from there.
Why not take that extra step deeper into the Museum, and join us to expand the contemporary art horizons alongside like-minded others?

Expanding your personal connections, expanding yourself

A wide variety of social activities are available, including opening receptions and parties. Each event offers a great chance to get to know your fellow, global art-fans.

Looking behind the scenes, the true essence emerges

With special exhibition previews and participation in learning program, members have many chances to hear directly from the artists. Learning about contexts and production processes can help you gain new insights into your favorite artworks.

With your proactive participation, the art scene becomes exciting

If everyone helps just a little, it can lead to a lot. As a member, you’ll be able to bring companies with you to the museum for free. Every time you introduce a new friend to the pleasures of contemporary art, you’ll be helping to make the art scene even more exciting.

Membership Categories

There are two types of individual membership categories: Friend and Fellow. Benefits differ in each category. Please choose one that you’d like best!

Annual Fee 5,500 yen (incl. tax)
Annual Fee 22,000 yen (incl. tax)
Annual Fee 5,500 yen (incl. tax)
Annual Fee 22,000 yen (incl. tax)

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News & Activity Reports

Individual Membership News & Activity Reports

Members’ Benefits 

1. Free admission into the Mori Art Museum
As a member you have unlimited free access to exhibitions year-round, and if you have a guest accompanying you, they will also enjoy preferential rates.
2. Invitation to exhibition previews and opening receptions
You and your guest are invited to join in the Previews and Opening Receptions that are held before exhibitions are open to the public. Please come and be the first to enjoy the latest exhibitions.
* Benefit for Fellow members
3. Invitation to members-only events
You will find myriad events that explore the exhibitions in depth and are only available to members. Deeply satisfy your curiosity by meeting the artists at exchange events.
* Benefit for Fellow members
4. Free participation in and benefits related to learning programs
Members can also enjoy free of charge learning programs that require admission fees - highly recommended for those who wish to deepen their understanding of art (excluding certain programs).
* Benefit for Fellow members
5. Preferential treatment for members
Museum Shops and Restaurant / Cafe will bring discounts on the items that you purchase, catalogue exchange coupons, complimentary audio guide, and even tickets to exhibitions outside of the Mori Art Museum will be given as benefits.
* The benefits differ depending on the membership category.

List of Member Benefits

Benefits Annual Fee * 1
5,500 yen
(incl. tax)
22,000 yen
(incl. tax)
1 Annual Fee * 1 Friend5,500 yen
(incl. tax)
Fellow22,000 yen
(incl. tax)
1 Free admission into the Mori Art Museum * 2 Friend[Member] Free
[1 guest] Half price * 3
Fellow[Member] Free
[1 guest] Free
2 Complimentary Audio Guide Friend- FellowMember + 1 guest
3 Invitation to exhibition previews and opening receptions Friend- FellowMember + 1 guest
4 Complimentary tickets presented for each Mori Art Museum exhibition Friend- Fellow5
5 Exhibition catalogue exchange coupons presented per year Friend- Fellow2
6 Invitation to “MAMC Event,” member’s events including private-viewing and meetup * 4 Friend- FellowMember + 1 guest
7 Free participation in and benefits related to learning programs * 5 Friend- Fellow
8 Delivery of the “MAMC Members Express” e-mail newsletter for members * 6 Friend Fellow
9 10% discount on Museum Shop purchases and Museum Cafe & Restaurant payments * 7 Friend Fellow
10 Benefit upon membership renewal(a 1,000 yen shopping voucher for use at the MORI ART MUSEUM SHOP, 53F) Friend- Fellow

  • * 1 Your membership expires at the end of the month prior to the month of admission of the following year (e.g.: If the membership starts on Sunday, November 5, 2023, then it should expire on Thursday, October 31, 2024).
  • * 2 The Museum is closed when there are no exhibitions. Entry may be declined when special events are held.
  • * 3 “Half price for 1 guest” is applicable to adult admission only.
  • * 4 There might be a separate fee for attending some of these events.
  • * 5 Not applicable for some programs.
  • * 6 “MAMC Members Express” includes news for members and/or event notification, distributed on an irregular basis.
  • * 7 The Museum Shops include: “MORI ART MUSEUM SHOP” (3F); “MORI ART MUSEUM SHOP 53” (53F); and “TOKYO CITY VIEW SHOP” (52F). Discounts do not apply to certain items such as books.
    Museum Cafe & Restaurant may not be available for use when rented out for some events and/or exclusive use.

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Please send your inquiry from the form here.


Please send your inquiry from the form here.