MAMC, Mori Art Museum Membership Program
Corporate Membership

We feature a host of benefits and programs through the support of corporate members for artistic and cultural activities, which in turn provide enjoyable events.
Through the collaboration of corporate members with Mori Art Museum, many more people can have the opportunity to experience and enjoy art, and our goal is to encourage support for new artistic and cultural activities in Japan.
You can choose a membership from three options to be a member: Diamond, Platinum, Gold.


1. Free admission for company employees

Employees of corporate members are entitled to the Mori Art Museum / Tokyo City View, and Sky Deck.

* Please show authenticated company ID.
* Admission to the Mori Art Center Gallery is not included.

2. Priority admission during busy hours

Members enjoy priority admission at a dedicated counter (at Mori Art Museum Information) when exhibitions are busy.

3. Private tours

Mori Art Museum staff can provide guided tours of exhibitions for corporate members, in either Japanese or English.

* Please note attendee numbers will be limited.

4. Private receptions

Private receptions can be organized that restrict admission to exhibitions to your guests. (Reception expenses to be covered by the member.)

* Only for Diamond members

5. Display of company names

Your company name can be incorporated on the board on the 52nd floor, on our website, and in other locations.

6. Complimentary exhibition tickets

Complimentary tickets are available for use by customers, family members, and friends.


MAMC, Mori Art Museum Membership Program Corporate Membership