MAM Art Course 08
No. 4 "21st Century International Society and the Future of Japan"

Japanese-English simultaneous translation available

In the globalized 21st century, our political, economic and cultural relations are typically balanced in a state of international tension. Reflected in artistic expression at multiple levels, social context could be a key to understanding works of art. In this lecture, we would like to share the thoughts about Japan's standpoint in Asia and the wider world from political scientist, Kang's point of view.

Date & Time
19:00-21:00,  November 2 [Sun], 2008
Kang Sang-jung (Political Scientist, Professor, University of Tokyo)
Mori Art Museum, Academyhills
Corporate Sponsor
UBS Group
Kang Sang-jung Profile
Born in 1950, in Kumamoto. He obtained his Master's degree in political science at Waseda University. After continuing his studies at Erlangen University, former West Germany, and serving as professor at the International Christian University in Tokyo, he joined the University of Tokyo. He specializes in politics and the history of political thought. He has numerous books in Japanese including Makkusu Weba to Kindai [Max Weber and Modernity](2003) and Zainichi [Resident Koreans](2004).
What art can do for society. Learning about the art of the future.
MAM Art Course 2008-2011

“MAM Art Course” is a series of educational courses, created in partnership with UBS, that explores diverse facets of contemporary art.Having got off to a great start earlier this year, the courses will continue for three years and will seek to investigate the complex web of relations that exists between art and society in relation to three key themes: A for art, B for business and C for culture.

Booking Period
2008.11.2 [Sun] - 11.2 [Sun]
Tower Hall, Academyhills (40F, Roppongi Hills Mori Tower)
300 (bookings required)
Adult 1,000 yen; Student & MAMC Member 500 yen
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