MAM Art Course 10
No. 12 "The Media in Transformation: How Should Business and Art Deal with Shifting Values?"

Japanese-English simultaneous translation available

With the expansion of the internet and resulting changes to our lifestyles, the environment for the enjoyment of media is changing rapidly, forcing media companies to adapt to what is becoming a major transition in values. In this lecture, we examine how corporations and ordinary citizens, including artists, should make use of the new media environment. We also look at the emergence of easy and accessible new media, changes in the way we cognize information and the questions concerning the "law of free content on the internet."
In addition, we think about changes in values and the emergence of new possibilities arising out of the transformation of media, and attempt to locate art and art museums within that debate as examples of media.

Date & Time
19:00-21:00, September 28 [Tue], 2010
Kobayashi Hiroto (CEO of Infobahn Inc., Guest Professor of Interdisciplinary Information Studies at The University of Tokyo)
Mori Art Museum, Academyhills
Corporate Sponsor
UBS Group
Kobayashi Hiroto Profile

Founder and CEO of Infobahn Inc. He has published numerous magazines and web media, including Wired Japan, Cyzo, and Gizmodo Japan. He is the author of the book The Next Media: Before the Paper Media Dies and has served as the supervisor for the bestseller, Free: The Future of a Radial Price, written by Chris Anderson. In addition, he has consulted for several renowned figures in the production of their books and blogs, including actress Manabe Kaori. He has recently played an essential role in the web marketing efforts offor Dyson and Nissan by harnessing such media as using Twitter system etc. He is renowned as a trend-setter in the IT trend-setterfield. He also teaches in the Graduate School Interdisciplinary Information Studies department at The University of Tokyo as a guest professor.

What art can do for society. Learning about the art of the future.
MAM Art Course 2008-2011

Mori Art Museum presents “MAM Art Course,” a series of educational courses exploring diverse facets of contemporary art. The courses are divided into three themes, A, B and C - Art, Business and Culture - and investigate the complex web of relations that exists between art and society. The course held in 2009 explored the role of art fairs, documentation and copyright issues in contemporary art as well as new possibilities for democracy in Japan. The 12th course - and the second to be held in fiscal 2010 - provides an opportunity to think about the transformation of the media, its new values and potential, as well as art and museums as forms of media.

Booking Period
2010.9.28 [Tue] - 9.28 [Tue]
Academyhills 49 (49F, Roppongi Hills Mori Tower)
150 (bookings required)
1,000 yen; MAMC Member 500 yen
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