MAM Art Course 10
No. 11 "Around Forty: The Life of the Single Working Woman"

Japanese-English simultaneous translation available

The so-called “Around Forty” generation is the generation of Japan’s equal opportunity employment laws, the generation that has been the harbinger of such demographic shifts as increases in the numbers of men and women marrying late in life or not marrying at all, and decreases in the number of children being born. 15% of women between the ages of 35 and 39 are single, and in major cities that percentage is over 30%. For contemporary women, being single is no longer a preliminary step before marriage, but a lifestyle choice in itself. In this lecture, we examine the “Around Forty” generation from a sociological perspective, looking at its past, its background, the issues surrounding it and what the future holds.

Date & Time
19:00-21:00, June 1 [Tue], 2010
Ueno Chizuko (Professor, Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology, The University of Tokyo; Sociologist)
Mori Art Museum, Academyhills
Corporate Sponsor
UBS Group
Ueno Chizuko Profile

Born 1948. Acquired a Ph.D. in sociology from Kyoto University. Assumed current position after teaching and conducting research at various universities. A pioneer and leading theorist in the fields of women’s and gender studies, in which she specializes. Recently has explored the problem of care for the elderly.
Author of many books, including The Modern Family in Japan: Its Rise and Fall, for which she received the Suntory Prize for Social Sciences and Humanities, in 1994. Other works, such as Ohitorisama no Rogo (Old age and the single working woman) and Otoko Ohitorisama Dou (The life of the single working man) have become best-sellers. Her latest book is Hitori no Gogo ni (An afternoon alone).

What art can do for society. Learning about the art of the future.
MAM Art Course 2008-2011

“MAM Art Course” is a series of educational courses, created in partnership with UBS, that explores diverse facets of contemporary art.Having got off to a great start earlier this year, the courses will continue for three years and will seek to investigate the complex web of relations that exists between art and society in relation to three key themes: A for art, B for business and C for culture.

Booking Period
2010.6.1 [Tue] - 6.1 [Tue]
Tower Hall, Academyhills (40F, Roppongi Hills Mori Tower)
250 (bookings required)
Adult 1,000 yen; Student & MAMC Member 500 yen
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