MAM Art Course 09
No. 8 "The Relationship between Corporations and Culture"

Japanese-English simultaneous translation available

With the progression of globalization, the focus of attention in the art world gradually shifted to the developing countries such as China and India - just as they did in the political and economical spheres. The accumulation of new wealth in these countries also led to the development of a contemporary art bubble. That has all but ended now, of course, with the onset of the worst financial crisis in 100 years. The environment surrounding the art world has become particularly severe. Cultural support activities by corporations, which became particularly prominent in Japan in the early 1990's, are undergoing a transformation and diversifying. This is the appropriate time to ask how true creative cultural energy can be harnessed to benefit companies. In this lecture, Takashi Tsujii looks back at the establishment of the Seibu Museum in the 1970s and also discusses the direction that relations between corporations and cultural activities are likely to take in the future.

Date & Time
14:00-16:00, September 23 [Wed], 2009
Tsujii Takashi (Poet, author)
Mori Art Museum, Academyhills
Corporate Sponsor
UBS Group
Tsujii Takashi Profile
Born 1927 in Tokyo. Real name Tsutsumi Seiji. Graduated with a degree in economics from the University of Tokyo. Currently serving as chairman of The Saison Foundation. Founder of the Saison Group. Played a leading role in the so-called "Saison culture" age during the 1970s and '80s. Since retiring from business in 1991, has concentrated on writing and has published numerous poems, novels and works of criticism. Recent publications include Jidenshi no tame no esukiisu (Esquisse for autobiographical poetry) (winner of the 27th Gendai Shijin [modern poet] Award) and the novel Tooi hanabi (Distant fireworks).
What art can do for society. Learning about the art of the future.
MAM Art Course 2008-2011

“MAM Art Course” is a series of educational courses, created in partnership with UBS, that explores diverse facets of contemporary art.Having got off to a great start earlier this year, the courses will continue for three years and will seek to investigate the complex web of relations that exists between art and society in relation to three key themes: A for art, B for business and C for culture.

Booking Period
2009.9.23 [Wed] - 9.23 [Wed]
Tower Hall, Academyhills (40F, Roppongi Hills Mori Tower)
250 (bookings required)
Adult 1,000 yen; Student & MAMC Member 500 yen
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