MAMC Night and Annual Cocktail Party
@ “Leandro Erlich: Seeing and Believing”

2018.5.10 [Thu]

A MAMC Night incorporating the MAMC Annual Cocktail Party was held for MAMC members on the Tuesday of the final week of the “Leandro Erlich: Seeing and Believing” exhibition.

The first half of this year’s MAMC Night and MAMC Annual Cocktail Party consisted of a gallery tour of “Leandro Erlich: Seeing and Believing” led by exhibition curator Tsubaki Reiko; and the second, a talk by neuroscientist Mogi Kenichiro.
With seats for his talk filling almost immediately, and the spontaneous round of applause that greeted him on joining members unannounced for the gallery tour, Mogi was obviously a popular choice of speaker.

MAMC Night and Annual Cocktail Party On the gallery tour

With Mogi also quizzing MAMC members out of the blue, this gallery tour turned out to be a little different from usual, with smiles throughout, and Mogi’s left-field views on some of the works - informed by his neuroscience background - also seeming to resonate with Tsubaki.

MAMC Night and Annual Cocktail Party MAMC members come face to face with Mogi at Hair Salon.

Mogi posited the idea that “Leandro makes works on the theme of a kind of reality-shaking vertigo” and at Building spoke of Erlich’s works as “one-off opportunities, in which one becomes part of the work, and the work is different each time.”

MAMC Night and Annual Cocktail Party At Building, three rotations ensured a photo with all the participants.

The second part of the evening, the MAMC Annual Cocktail Party, consisted of a talk at Restaurant THE MOON on the 52nd floor.

MAMC Night and Annual Cocktail Party Mori Art Museum Director Nanjo Fumio kicks off with a toast.
MAMC Night and Annual Cocktail Party The party event attracted an excellent turnout of MAMC members.

Mogi began by talking about his research specialty of “qualia.”
Qualia is apparently extremely important in neuroscientific terms when thinking about art.

MAMC Night and Annual Cocktail Party At the talk

Mogi set the pace for the talk, firing a barrage of questions at Tsubaki. As a contemporary art fan himself, Mogi displayed a good understanding of the kind of questions members would like to ask, and any queries they might have, making for some fascinating exchanges. Occasionally he also went “off the record,” with lots of fun ensuing for everyone.

MAMC Night and Annual Cocktail Party Mogi turning the tables to question a member

After the talk some members returned to the gallery to take photos, a little sad perhaps to farewell the Leandro Erlich show. The gallery being reserved for MAMC members on this occasion, one imagines they snapped some very personal, memorable art shots to call their own.

MAMC Night and Annual Cocktail Party In a photo afterward to mark the event, from left: curator Tsubaki Reiko, Mogi Kenichiro, Mori Art Museum Chairperson Mori Yoshiko, Director Nanjo Fumio

The next MAMC event will be a MAMC Night at the “Japan in Architecture” show. Details will be available on Members’ Express. We look forward to seeing you there!

Original text: Imamura Akiko (Marketing Group, Mori Art Museum)
Photo: Mikuriya Shinichiro


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