MAM Collection 007: Invisible Cities

2018.4.25 [Wed] - 9.17 [Mon]

Participating Artists

Lee Bul, Jagannath Panda, Kurokawa Kisho

“Invisible Cities” is taken from the fantasy novel of the same name (Le città invisibili) by Italo Calvino, in which Marco Polo describes to Kublai Khan, the amazing cities he has observed and heard about upon his travels. People have always conceived visions of the ideal society, and architecture and cities may be described as tangible manifestations of this; yet the same time, there is always the possibility of both falling into ruin as time goes by. Moreover in our post-internet age, they are starting to be generated in network form, going beyond the visible.
This exhibition takes the works of Lee Bul, Jagannath Panda and Kurokawa Kisho, and through them makes some fascinating observations on works of architecture and urban environments that exemplify this trend.


Jagannath Panda The Epic III
Jagannath Panda
The Epic III
Acrylic, fabric and glue on canvas
229 x 396 cm
Kurokawa Kisho Yamagata Hawaii Dreamland
Kurokawa Kisho
Yamagata Hawaii Dreamland
Floor Plan Detail of Bathing Area1:100
c. 1966
Pencil on tracing paper
55 x 80 cm
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MAM Collection 007: Invisible Cities

About “MAM Collection”

The collection of Mori Art Museum which focuses on contemporary art from Japan and elsewhere in Asia currently comprises approximately 400 works. The “MAM Collection” is the series of diverse, theme-based exhibitions to showcase the collection.
Enjoying contemporary art in a living space-like environment and a dynamic view - this program embodies the Mori Art Museum’s motto of “Art + Life.”

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