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Urgent Talk 018:
OuUnPo, Takayama Akira and Fujii Hikaru

Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation available

OuUnPo is a research network made up of artists, curators and researchers from around Europe. Members travel to various cities and explore the definition and borderlines of performance while holding workshops, seminars and meetings in cooperation with local research institutions and creators. Previous collaborations include those with such art institutions as Tate Modern in London, MACRO in Rome, and the Deste Foundation in Athens.
This latest "Urgent Talk" features a workshop by British artist and OuUnPonian Natasha Rosling involving spoken words and physical interaction with participants, as well as a presentation of work related to The Great East Japan Earthquake by Japanese artists Takayama Akira and Fujii Hikaru and a discussion. Although today, more than two years after the disaster, initiatives to look back at the disaster and consider the reconstruction effort through artistic activities are taking place all over the country, this event will be different in that it is an experimental opportunity for participants to examine the disaster after experiencing a unique workshop.
In June 2013 OuUnPo will undertake collaborations with various groups and artists from the Kanto area under the title “Godzilla and the Phoenix,” with events expected to be held continuously over some tens days. "Urgent Talk 018" is the first of these events.
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Date & Time
18:00-21:00, June 18 [Tue], 2013
Natasha Rosling (Artist)
Takayama Akira (Theatre director)
Fujii Hikaru (Artist)
Mori Art Museum, OuUnPo
Natasha Rosling
Born 1985 in London. Her large-scale installations and performances are underpinned by a fascination with how the body negotiates the world - its mysterious entwining of a present physical space with personal and collectively mediated fantasies. In an attempt fuse sub-human, non-human or super human realms into every day situations, each work unravels the comfortable boundaries of corporeality and challenges conventional notions of environment, object and identity. Rosling exhibits internationally, is represented by Hidde van Seggelen Gallery London, and is an active member of the pan-European research platform, Vision Forum.
Takayama Akira
Born in 1969. Established a theater unit, Port B. He has been working through unique creative processes - a tour type of performance, social field experimental projects and other forms of expression outside the theaters. He created works such as Tokyo/Olympics (Hato Bus tour), Sunshine 62, Compartment City - Tokyo, The Complete Manual of Evacuation - Tokyo, Referendum Project and Fukushima - Epilog (Kein Licht II) , that has drawn attention in Japan as well as at international festivals for his methodologies using the memories, urban landscapes and media of contemporary society, presenting them as an experiment in the possibilities of modern theater.
Fujii Hikaru
Born 1976 in Tokyo, Japan. Artist / Film director. He studied at ENSAD and obtained DEA (Athletic, Sciences and Technology of the Arts) from Universite de Paris 8. He works with the visual media to intuitively deal with the social and political situation in Japan. Since the disaster of 3.11, he starts shooting at the stricken area on the theme of the relationship between 3.11 and the art, and making a work as 3.11 Art Documentation, PROJECT FUKUSHIMA! and Record of Coastal Landscape.
Booking Period
2013.6.18 [Tue] - 6.18 [Tue]
Mori Art Museum and other places
60 (booking required)
Free (current exhibition cannot be viewed)
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