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Exhibition Highlights & Works

Untold Stories

Exhibition Highlights

■ The first major solo exhibition by a Southeast Asian (Vietnamese) artist at Mori Art Museum

This is the first major solo exhibition by a Southeast Asian artist to be held at the Mori, which has previously hosted solo exhibitions by artists from East Asia in line with its aim of spotlighting Asian artists. It is part of an attempt to focus on artists from Southeast Asia, which in recent years has experienced sudden economic growth and an upturn in the art market, and in particular, on Dinh Q. Lê who has been regarded highly in the international art scene.

■ A wide variety of dynamic works

The exhibition includes dynamic works rich in visual variety, including the “photo weaving” series in which photos are woven together in a craft-like fashion and other works that call to mind Vietnamese handiwork as well as installations combining video with a high degree of perfection and real objects such as helicopter and boat.

■ New histories told based on rigorous research and interviews

Through meticulous, unique research that delves deep into people's psyche, individual memories and stories take shape in a dramatic fashion. Previously untold stories of the Vietnamese people directly involved - completely different from the image of the Vietnam War circulated by the mass media and Hollywood movies - emerge.

■ A new work that captures the present Japan created for the exhibition

Through a new video work featuring a real Japanese man who enjoys reenactment of the Vietnam War, Lê takes a fresh look at the Vietnam War while pondering Japanese history, memory, and identity issues.

■ Providing a platform for debate and reflection of history in this milestone year, 70th anniversary of the end of WWII / 40th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War

In this milestone year 2015, we will be providing opportunities for lively debate on such topics as the Vietnam War as seen in news photographs, the impact of the Vietnam War on Japanese society and Japan-U.S. relations, the contemporary art scene in Vietnam today, and the appeal of Vietnam as a business market by hosting various lectures and sessions on a range of topics.

Works Click to enhance images

Come Back to Saigon
(from the series "Vietnam Destination of the New Millennium")
Digital print
Courtesy of Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland

The Farmers and the Helicopters
3-channel color video with sound, handcrafted full-size helicopter
Collaborating artists: Tran Quoc Hai, Le Van Danh, Phu-Nam Thuc Ha, Tuan Andrew Nguyen
Commissioned by Queensland Gallery of Modern Art, Australia
Installation view: "Reflection: The World Through Art" DOJIMA RIVER BIENNALE, 2009, Osaka
Photo: Fukunaga Kazuo

Single-channel color video with sound, found photographs, stone, wooden boat fragments, wood walkway, computer, scanner, dedicated website (
Commissioned by Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation, Sydney, 2011
Supported by Nicholas and Angela Curtis
Installation view: Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation, Sydney, 2011
Photo: Aaron de Souza

Persistence of Memory #10
C-print and linen tape
Collection: Joy of Giving Something, Inc., New York

Persistence of Memory #14
C-print and linen tape
Collection: Larry Warsh

Damaged Gene
Single-channel color video with sound, knitted baby clothing, stuffed animals, resin figurines, plastic figurines and pacifiers
Commissioned by The Gunk Foundation, New York

French-Vietnamese colonial furniture, speakers, stereo system, microphone stand, microphone, sound
Collaborating Artist: Hamé (Mohamed Bourokba)
Photo © David Huguenin

Untitled (from the series "High Plane")
C-print and linen tape
Courtesy of P.P.O.W Gallery, New York

Light & Belief: Sketches of Life from the Vietnam War
100 drawings: pencil, watercolor, ink and oil on paper, single-channel color video with sound
Collection: Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, The Henry L. Hillman Fund, 2013.37.1-102