Leandro Erlich: Seeing and Believing

The Largest Solo Exhibition of Leandro Erlich’s to Date!

2017.11.18 [Sat] - 2018.4.1 [Sun]

Opening hours extended specially on 4 days of “Leandro Erlich” exhibition!

It is with our great pleasure to announce that number of the visitors to “Leandro Erlich: Seeing and Believing” exceeded 400,000 on February 21 [Wed], 2018!

In celebration, Mori Art Museum has decided to extend the opening hours of the exhibition!
The Museum will open at 9:00, an hour earlier than usual on the last two weekends of the exhibition.

Relatively speaking, mornings are less crowded and are probably best hours to enjoy the exhibition especially for families and those who want to avoid the crowd. Don’t miss these opportunities to visit the exhibition!

Tokyo City View will also extend the opening hours on 4 days only during the upcoming spring weekends!

Either of the tickets - Mori Art Museum “Leandro Erlich” or Tokyo City View exhibition allows entry into both facilities on the same day.
Wake up a little earlier on weekends, and enjoy the view of the Tokyo and the exciting art exhibition!

Click here to see details of Tokyo City View’s open hour extension.

Leandro Erlich Building
Installation view: “Leandro Erlich: Seeing and Believing” Mori Art Museum, Tokyo, 2017
Photo: Hasegawa Kenta
Courtesy: Galleria Continua

Special Admission Discount

Pool Discount!

In Japan Leandro Erlich is known as the artist behind The Swimming Pool, installed permanently at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa. To mark the “Leandro Erlich: Seeing and Believing” exhibition, for the first month after opening only, Mori Art Museum will run a “Pool Discount” campaign. If you have previously photographed Erlich’s The Swimming Pool at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, show the photo(s) at the ticket counter for a discount on admission. If you’ve experienced The Swimming Pool at Kanazawa, then don’t miss this opportunity to come and experience - and photograph - many of Erlich’s eminently “Instagrammable” works at the Mori Art Museum as well!

Team Discount on Wednesdays!

The highly immersive, fun-for-all-ages “Leandro Erlich” exhibition is rendered even more interesting by experiencing it as a team of friends, family, work colleagues or other. Whether you’re someone who usually visits art museums solo, or finds contemporary art a little “obscure,” we highly recommend inviting some companions along to join you at this stimulating show. Every Wednesday, groups of three or more will receive a 100 yen discount off each individual admission, making this an ideal outing for end-of-year and New Year gatherings as we head in to this most social of seasons!

New Year’s Special Combo Admission Discount Campaign

To express our gratitude to all the visitors, we offer “New Year’s Special Combo Admission Discount Campaign” so that you can enjoy your holidays at all of the facilities on the 52nd & 53rd floor of Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, from December 26 to January 8.

“Leandro Erlich” Exhibition Limited-edition Design Annual Passport on sale!

“Mori Art Museum + Tokyo City View Passport” grants you unlimited access to the Mori Art Museum, the Tokyo City View and the Sky Deck throughout one year. Now, to commemorate the opening of “Leandro Erlich: Seeing and Believing” exhibition, limited-edition design Passport is now on sale. Purchase one before it runs out!

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