Activity Reports

[Flickr] Photo shots from

[Flickr] Photo shots from "All You Need Is LOVE" Workshop "Lovelinks"
Workshop for children by artist Tsumura Kosuke held on July 13.(2013.10.01)

[YouTube] Jean-Michel Othoniel:

[YouTube] Jean-Michel Othoniel: "All You Need Is LOVE" Artist Interview #13
The interview series ends with a message from Othoniel.(2013.08.30)

[YouTube] RongRong & inri:

[YouTube] RongRong & inri: "All You Need Is LOVE" Artist Interview #12
Two photographers who work together in Beijing.(2013.08.27)


[Blog] "LOVE" in a Minute (16) - Damien Hirst Untitled
The final edition of "LOVE" in a Minute will close with Hirst's pink heart.(2013.08.23)


[Blog] "LOVE" in a Minute (15) - David Hockney My Parents
Top British artist Hockney portrays his mother and father(2013.08.23)


[Blog] "LOVE" in a Minute (14) - Tracey Emin I promise to love you
Emin's handwritten messages rendered in neon(2013.08.23)


[Blog] "LOVE" in a Minute (13) - Chagall, Magritte and Picabia
Lovers painted by celebrated art history giants, Chagall, Magritte and Picabia.(2013.08.19)


[Blog] "LOVE" in a Minute (12) - Sophie Calle Take Care of Yourself
Calle "shares her pain" using methods unique to her artistic practice.(2013.08.16)


[Blog] "LOVE" in a Minute (11) - Robert Indiana & Gimhongsok
2 works in same title "Love" by Indiana and Korean artist Gimhongsok.(2013.08.16)

[YouTube] Teraoka Masami:

[YouTube] Teraoka Masami: "All You Need Is LOVE" Artist Interview #11
Love is a basic connection between people in the whole world.(2013.08.15)


[Blog] "LOVE" in a Minute (10) - Alfredo Jaar Embrace
Alfredo Jaar's works bear witness to myriad social issues.(2013.08.12)


[Blog] "LOVE" in a Minute (9) - Hatsune Miku: Connecting Love
New possibilities of love by virtual pop-star Hatsune Miku(2013.08.12)

[YouTube] Manabe Daito:

[YouTube] Manabe Daito: "All You Need Is LOVE" Artist Interview #10
Manabe talks about the new installation which generates a "love song"(2013.08.06)


[Blog] "LOVE" in a Minute (8) - Shilpa Gupta
Message in the form of neon, I live under your sky too(2013.08.05)


[Blog] "LOVE" in a Minute (7) - Kusama Yayoi
Kusama's large-scale new work Love Is Calling appears in "LOVE" exhibition!(2013.08.05)


[Blog] "LOVE" in a Minute (6) - Zhang Xiaogang
The Big Family from Zhang Xiaogang's best known "Bloodline" series(2013.08.02)


[Blog] "LOVE" in a Minute (5) - Frida Kahlo
Masterpiece of the artist pride of Mexico, Kahlo's My Grandparents, My Parents, and I (Family Tree)(2013.08.02)

[YouTube] Yoshinaga Masayuki:

[YouTube] Yoshinaga Masayuki: "All You Need Is LOVE" Artist Interview #9
What does "love" mean to Yoshinaga Masayuki?(2013.08.01)

[flickr] Installation view photos from

[flickr] Installation view photos from "All You Need Is LOVE" are uploaded!
Installation shots of Jeff Koons, Kusama Yayoi et al.(2013.07.31)


[Blog] "LOVE" in a Minute (4) - J. E. Millais
Speak! Speak! by 19th-century English painter John Everett Millais(2013.07.30)


[Blog] "LOVE" in a Minute (3) - Nan Goldin
Photographs by American artist Nan Goldin, The Ballad of Sexual Dependency series(2013.07.30)

[YouTube] Laurie Simmons:

[YouTube] Laurie Simmons: "All You Need Is LOVE" Artist Interview #8
Simmons talks about her new series "The Love Doll" & 'love.'(2013.07.23)


[Blog] "LOVE" in a Minute (2) - Gohar Dashti
Focusing on Iranian artist Dashti’s Today’s Life and War series(2013.07.17)

[YouTube] Asada Masashi:

[YouTube] Asada Masashi: "All You Need Is LOVE" Artist Interview #7
Asada talks about "family love," a theme constantly appears in his art works.(2013.07.16)


[Blog] "LOVE" in a Minute (1) - Jeff Koons Sacred Heart
New blog series introducing artists & works from the exhibition(2013.07.10)

[YouTube] Chang En-Tzu:

[YouTube] Chang En-Tzu: "All You Need Is LOVE" Artist interview #6
Where there is great love, there are miracles.(2013.07.09)

[YouTube] Alfredo Jaar:

[YouTube] Alfredo Jaar: "All You Need Is LOVE" Artist interview #5
Jaar talks about his new artwork "The Voice"(2013.07.02)

[YouTube] Murayama Ruriko:

[YouTube] Murayama Ruriko: "All You Need Is Love" Artist interview #4
What intuitively came to her mind on theme of "love"?(2013.06.25)

[YouTube] Tsumura Kosuke:

[YouTube] Tsumura Kosuke: "All You Need Is Love" Artist interview #3
What does "love" mean to Tsumura Kosuke? Interview is now online.(2013.06.18)

[YouTube] Sophie Calle:

[YouTube] Sophie Calle: "All You Need Is LOVE" Artist interview #2
Interview of Sophie Calle is now uploaded!(2013.06.11)

[YouTube] Ishikawa Mao:

[YouTube] Ishikawa Mao: "All You Need Is Love" Artist interview #1
What does "love" mean to Ishikawa Mao? Interview is now online.(2013.06.04)

[flickr] Artists' photos of

[flickr] Artists' photos of "Roppongi Art College Spring 2013"
View shots of "LOVE" exhibition participating artists.(2013.05.28)

audio guide

"All You Need Is LOVE" audio guide is now available online!
Get the audio guide for free and learn more about the exhibition.(2013.05.27)


[YouTube] "All You Need Is Love" trailer is released.
View exhibition trailer on YouTube!(2013.04.03)