Another Energy: Power to Continue Challenging - 16 Women Artists from around the World

2021.4.22 [Thu] - 2022.1.16 [Sun]

All 16 Artists in Their 70s or More, with Careers Spanning over at Least 50 Years!

Another Energy shines a light on 16 female artists around the world who began their careers in the turbulent postwar years from the 1950s to the 1970s, and who remain active today in 2021. This exhibition will offer a multifaceted look at 50+ years of practice by artists aged from 71 to 105, presenting early works, well-known works, and new works created for the exhibition.

How Have Artists from 14 Different Countries Seen the World?

Collectively, 16 featured artists represent an incredibly diverse range of birthplaces, current locations, modes of expression as well as lifestyles. Another Energy will also help us see a number of global phenomena and issues including feminism and migrant history through their lenses as revealed in the practices and lives of individual artists.

Various Interpretations of Art History

While globalism spreads and understanding towards multiculturalism becomes greater, in the world of art as well, works that focus on the culture and history of various regions as well as artists from non-Western countries have come to the fore, shifting away from the context in which art has been discussed primarily in Europe and the United States. Art history itself, which had been viewed or interpreted rather monistically until then, now began to be understood more pluralistically, based on respective history, race, ethnicity, gender and more as well. This current of art greatly overlaps with this century (since 2000) in which the activities of Another Energy artists started garnering attention.

Prismatic Exhibition Structure Showing the Connections among Artists, While Emphasizing on Spatial Scale to Fully Present Uniqueness of Each Artist and Presence of the Work

Another Energy is not a so-called survey show, but rather a comprehensive showcase of female artists with long careers. While paying attention to the international trends of art, the exhibition is structured to emphasize the spatial scale to properly present the artistry of each artist, context and the presence of the work. In addition, by juxtaposing works by artists of completely different backgrounds, it attempts to present the visual commonalities and similarities that transcend regions and cultural spheres, while also highlighting the individual context and uniqueness of each artist.

Two Editions of Exhibition Catalogue to Close in on the Artists and Their Works on Display

For this exhibition, the Museum is publishing two types of exhibition catalogue: “Exhibition Guide Edition” and full-length edition. The “Exhibition Guide Edition,” perfectly fit for an exhibition guide as the name suggests, is to be available for purchase on April 22, the day the exhibition opens to the public. It features two main critical essays by the two exhibition co-curators and their dialogue, brief explanations of the artists, and the work images. Meanwhile, full-length edition will be published in early June (exact date TBD), featuring the above-mentioned two main essays, 16 comprehensive texts by experts from across the globe, each focusing on the personal history of one of the 16 artists and development of their works and practices, plus photographic documentation of the exhibition (installation view images). Together with the actual experience of the exhibition at the museum, you can learn more about “another energy” of the artists through the exhibition catalogue.

Carmen Herrera
Acrylic on canvas
127.6 x 254 x 5.7 cm
Collection: El Museo del Barrio, New York. Gift of Tony Bechara
Nunung WS
Verzon #2
Acrylic on canvas
150 x 125 cm
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