Another Energy: Power to Continue Challenging - 16 Women Artists from around the World

2021.4.22 [Thu] - 9.26 [Sun]

In the turbulent years following the end of World War II, contemporary art expression expanded in myriad ways. As part of this, questions began to arise about the male-centric writing of history, as well as interpretation or appraisal of art. These early, Western-dominated moves toward gender equality have now developed into a global discourse extending far beyond the realms of art.

Reflecting this trend, the spotlight is now on female artists who began their careers between the late 1950s and the 1970s, and remain as dynamic and productive today. These are women who have simply kept doggedly pursuing their own distinctive creative activities, regardless of how they are rated by art museums or the market. Their practice is extraordinarily diverse, reflecting the late modernist development within the cultural traditions and social climate of their location; invariably underpinned though, by a powerful will and determination when it comes to making art.

This exhibition showcasing the practice of around fifteen female artists in their seventies or beyond could be described as a tribute to their work and the very way they have been living their lives, but foremost as an homage to the power of art beyond any specificity of gender.

Participating Artists (TBD) * in alphabetical order of artists’ surnames

Anna Boghiguian, Lili Dujourie, Beatriz González, Suzanne Lacy, Mishima Kimiyo, Robin White and more

Lili Dujourie
American Imperialism
Steel, paint
Dimensions variable
Courtesy: Tucci Russo Gallery, Turin
Installation view: The 21st Biennale of Sydney, Art Gallery of New South Wales, 2018
Photo: silversalt photography
Beatriz González
Decoración de interiores (Interior Decoration)
Screenprint on canvas
Installation view: documenta14, Athens, 2017
Photo: Mathias Voelzke
Suzanne Lacy
The Circle and the Square
Two-year project, three-day performance, video installation
Photo: Graham Kay
Mishima Kimiyo
Newspaper P-9
Silkscreen-printed and painted ceramic, copper wire
34 x 25.5 x 20 cm
Photo: Takahashi Kenji
Anna Boghiguian
A Meteor Fell from the Sky
Installation view: Artes Mundi 8, Cardiff, UK, 2019
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